Dream Dictionary Dead Actors

Dream Dictionary Dead Actors

Seeing dead actors could represent the death of your dreams or of your highest aspirations.

Dream Dead Actors
Dream Dictionary Dead Actors, The Dream Meaning of Dead Actors

There are many tiers of dreams that a person might have in their life. For example you might dream of becoming a great and powerful accountant, you might dream of winning the lottery, or you might dream of doing something even crazier and making more money than even a lottery winner by becoming an actor and making all that cash that way while attaining fame and making sure that there will always be a place for you in someone’s heart. You can have your dreams of being an accountant die out in one way, your lottery dreams die out in another but the thing about the actor dreams is that they are the most fantastic and the highest goals of all.

Not only will you be stress free for life but you will also be famous forever on some way or another which is something that many many people in the world desire, it is a power which is highly coveted. Once you start to see dead actors in your dreams though it means that those dreams of your have died. Even if your most ridiculous and implausible dream is not to be an actor, the actor still applies to the most ridiculous of others dreams as well, by acting as a symbol or a metaphor. Essentially it means you have finally realized just how implausible your dream of being an actor really was. You will have to be worried about that for some time now, but try not to let that realization hurt your feelings too much, we all knew it was coming, and deep down you did too. There are some dreams which never come true and as sad as it might be to realize that, sometimes it is the only road to greater maturity in the future.

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