Dream Dictionary Dead Ants

Dream Dictionary Dead Ants

Their mere presence is enough to put an entire kitchen under quarantine because chances are if you see ten dead ants then there are a thousand nearby that you aren’t seeing.

Dream Dead Ants
Dream Dictionary Dead Ants, Dreaming of Dead Ants and interpretation of such dreams

If you have a dream in which you are surrounded by dead ants, it means that you may have a lot more to worry about than you previously thought you did, or it could mean that you have gotten over a lot of stresses. The thing about dead ants is much like bees, when they are killed it sends a signal for more ants to come back to the area in which the dead ants were killed. This is why there are so many videos of ants carrying other ants around, they carry back their dead and their injured and they know where to find them because of the chemical they emit when they are in danger.

Ants also happen to represent little annoyances that you can’t get past easily. You can kill one ant, but what good does that do when you’re surrounded by 1,000? They represent all of the small little responsibilities that you have in life which you hate doing, but you know you have to. To see all those ants’ dead could represent that you have finally gotten past it. You have conquered all of those minor annoyances and are now able to have a freer schedule, a freer mind and you have much less to worry about. The drawback in this case is that it could have meant basically the opposite. You may have a short reprieve from all of the things that annoy you now, but sooner or later you sill start being plagued again and when that happens you won’t know what to do about it or how to take care of yourself.

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