Dream Dictionary Dead Aunt

Dream Dictionary Dead Aunt

Dead Aunt or Death of Aunt is a terrible symbol. In a dream the meaning of this event may be a little more muddled.

Dream Dead Aunt
Dream Dictionary Dead Aunt, What it means to dream of Dead Aunt

Dreaming about a dead aunt usually means that you need to strengthen family bonds. Aunts are members of the family, along with uncles, that might get shut out of your own day to day views on life. They are of course a part of your family but you might not feel the same connection to them that your mother or father does, so it is natural to you to want to exclude them or to subconsciously exclude them from important activities. If it is an event that you are hosting and you are getting family together for it, don’t forget to invite your aunts and uncles. This is important to remember; they are people too and deserve your respect. When you start having these kinds of dreams it just means that you need to spend even more time reconciling with them and making sure that they are a part of your mind and your day to day life. You want to have a closer connection to them but you may just not know how, There are many different things you can do, but inviting them to family events or engaging with them more at family events is probably the easiest ticket to getting to know them a little bit better and making them a closer part of your life.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dead Aunt

JR 2018-09-10 20:11:28
What if you dreamt of your dead mother and an aunt who is still alive.
Surbhi Bansal 2016-11-17 21:31:17
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I saw a dream yesterday night,i went in a temple with my husband,where i see a khandhar type home old type home,broken type home,and there were two lady in that home,one is my grand mother,who died some years back already,and another one lady ,i dont remember who is she,i said my died grandmother,why you not come at our house,and invited to both lady to come at our home please.What is means of this dream,please suggest me.
Leslie 2016-06-27 09:08:38
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My aunt died June 3rd, 2016.. And I had a dream last night about her. I was in her house and I knew she was already dead. But she kept appearing around her house. asking how I was, how were my kids, and she was saying she was fine. And then we walked outside and just sat on her porch. And I woke up. (Alarm went off). What can this mean.
Ancestors bring answers 2015-03-22 18:53:16
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Ellie. Listen to your dreams. I had many dreams I should not have ignored.
He isn't who you think he is. He is cunning and manipulative. He will take your love, your energy, your trust, money, he lies, and cheats.
Ellie 2015-02-03 09:29:32
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I dreamt of my godmother who died a few years ago and my best buddy who is still alive visited me in my parents home and we had lunch together. My aunt left to go home and my friend and I stayed and sat and chatted a while then we went for a long drive along the beach and stopped for chocolate cake and tea. I haven't seen my best friend since I immigrated 9 years ago. What does this mean? I can remember this dream as if it just happened....
shana 2014-11-14 14:18:06
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Right angela?? My beloved aunt passed away 13 years ago. Her bday was this past month on the 6th and i kust dreamt about asking for her advice on a phone call about a job i got in the dream. She was like a mother father and best friend to me. I read somewhere that dreaming of the deceased means they are reaching out to say hi
angela a 2013-12-12 02:06:54
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my aunt died ten years ago from Parkinson's and dreamed she was calling me on the phone
So, how can I include her into family activity?

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