Dream Dictionary Dead Children

Dream Dictionary Dead Children

Children help the world go round. As little as they contribute to society directly, their indirect importance cannot be discounted.

Dream Dead Children
Dream Dictionary Dead Children, The Meaning of a Dream About Dead Children, Dying Children

Children can be the light of your life. In fact in many cases parents depend on them a lot and put all of their dreams and their beliefs in their kids in the hopes that they will surpass them in skill and ability one day. If you have a dream in which you see dead children though it can mean that you have no hope for the future. Children are the future and if one of them has been found dead then it means that you will no longer be able to rely on them and hope for them to grow out of this and get a bit better. A dream of dying children can also mean that you do not feel like you are able to rely on your kids anymore. You feel like there is no future. It has been said that the reason that parents have children is so that they can see if they are able to rewrite history. They want to change the way that things work and make sure that it all goes well for their kids in places where it might not have gone well for them. Having a dream of dying children in this context means that you have to give up on them and there is little for you to hope in anymore.

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