Dream Dictionary Dead Crow, Dead Magpie

Dream Dictionary Dead Crow, Dead Magpie

Generally the crow, and magpie seem to be the most common. Let’s find out the meaning of dreams with a Dead Crow or Dead Magpie.

Dream Dead Crow, Dead Magpie
Dream Dictionary Dead Crow, Dead Magpie, The Dream Meaning of Dead Birds Including: Dead Crow, Dead Magpie

To have a dream in which specific species of dead birds appear can add even more meaning to the traditional dream interpretation.

Dreaming of a dead crow means you are out of danger. Being followed by a crow or something like that or being touched by a crow represents danger and their being near you means that you are in imminent danger. If you have a dream in which you see a dead crow it could also mean that you feel a lot more relief now and that you do not need to worry about the small annoyances anymore.

The magpie is a bird that is known for appreciating shiny things. They go around collecting all kinds of little metals and shiny nickels, diamonds, whatever they can find that has a shiny sheen to it and they put it in their nests and look at it. To dream of a dead magpie means that you feel like you have lost your appreciation for the finer things in life. There are a lot of beautiful things out there but you just find it hard to appreciate all of them. It makes it very difficult for you. Try to see the world with new eyes and gain a better appreciation for the nicer things that life has to offer.

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Claire 2014-11-01 00:00:27
I believe in what dreams mean and this too me is common sense in my life as living so means a lot no it's not an omen from the magpie!

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