Dream Dictionary Dead Elephant

Dream Dictionary Dead Elephant

If you have a dream in which you see a dead elephant, the meaning of this symbol should be pretty apparent to you right away.

Dream Dead Elephant
Dream Dictionary Dead Elephant, What it Means to Dream of a Dead Elephant

A dead elephant, as it appears in a dream however is a slightly more complex symbol to translate.

The elephant is a symbol of great memory and intelligence. The phrase “I’ve got a memory like an elephant’s” or “the memory of an elephant” is meant to mean that a person is very good at remembering certain specific occurrences or things of importance. This is what it means to have a dream of an elephant. Therefore to have a dream of a dead elephant means the person is not so good at remembering things anymore. This kind of dream usually comes about for two different reasons. Either it happens to you because you are getting older and you are starting to think that your memory is beginning to go away, either that or there is some specific event that your mind is trying to seize a hold of to help you recall and you can’t even think of it yet.

This is the only conclusion that can be brought up from this. Try your hardest to think when you are awake of what this memory might be. Sometimes your dreams that you have in the future might even be a clue since on occasion your subconscious can be even more aware of an event than your conscious. But to dream of a dead elephant definitely means you think you are having memory issues in your life.

The dead elephant can represent the loss of a specific memory that you once cherished or it can represent the loss of your memory in general. The latter is usually the case, but sometimes it is the former. IF this seems to be the case for you then it is not too late. If your mind can remember enough of it to know that something was forgotten then all is not lost, the memory is merely filed away somewhere deep in your mind. Look hard enough and it will reappear to you eventually. This is the best you can hope for unfortunately and it might not seem like the most optimistic news, but it is better than being told your memory is gone forever.

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