Dream Dictionary Dead Girlfriend

Dream Dictionary Dead Girlfriend

Just as you spend time living you will eventually spend time dead and this will get you through time.

Dream Dead Girlfriend
Dream Dictionary Dead Girlfriend, The Dream Meaning of a Dead Girlfriend

Because death is such a serious event, a dream involving death has much gravity and will keep you up at night or at least it should, especially if this dream involves a dead girlfriend which can be very traumatic.

Dreaming of a dead girlfriend usually means that you are worried about the status of your relationship with your girlfriend. Either that or you are brooding over a relationship which has already ended. If you have a dream like this, take it as a warning and make sure to go out and be really nice to your girlfriend. She probably deserves it and if you hope to preserve a strong relationship with your girlfriend then you’re going to need to make sure you do the best you can to be nice to her and show her a good time. This is the best way to make sure she stays faithful. You need to be pleasant around her and for the most part just let her know that she is wanted. This is what you want in life, you want her, and she wants you too, you just need to let her know that.

A girlfriend is an important source of love, strength, and support in your life and if she was to die it would cause you great sorrow. No matter if she is a girlfriend that you are dating or a girlfriend that is simply your friend. However you need to know that to have a dream about a dead girlfriend this means that you have lost some important source of one of these aspects in your life. A source of support that was keeping you up is now gone.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dead Girlfriend

L Lawliet 2017-11-25 16:31:59
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I had a dream that I went to a funeral and the deceased had the same name as my girlfriend. I woke up crying and Hoped it wasn’t true. I checked her social media and saw that she posted and felt a lot better.
Jack 2017-10-29 12:23:26
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I had a dream that my girlfriend, some friends, and I were on a trip. We were out and about having fun, and all of a sudden we’re in a panic and we all drive off as were driving we realize there is no where to go but off this cliff into some water. So we all decide to go thru have our doors open so we can get out easily once we’re close to the water. We all survive the jump, but now we’re swimming to find a safe spot. The area were in is has fire going off everywhere, but then we see this ride....(I know weird) but the ride is where we all go. My girlfriend and I are in the back and the ride starts. However, my dream starts over again from the cliff....so I go through all the motions again knowing that we’re going to survive and get on the ride. Except something happens on the ride this time, and I know my girlfriend died. I jump past this and its just me living alone in our apartment. I replay moments of our life together, my family tries to comfort me, but all I can think about is my girlfriend asking if I’d be okay if she died in a few weeks and me not even replying because I don’t like the question. and now all my friends are at the ride as a Memorial to honor my girlfriends death. And I’m fine until they mention her death and it sinks in again that she’s dead, and I start crying uncontrollably then I woke up crying.
Emily 2017-09-03 18:21:30
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My boyfriend texted me at 5 am telling me he couldn't sleep and wanted me there..said he had a bad dream and his family,my family and I were all there..later on that day when I saw him he told me that I died 8 gruesome deaths in one dream and that he woke up screaming and crying..and that his family died too..when he was telling me this he started to tear up so I didn't press on and I just held him..sort of came to a shock to me because things are going pretty rocky because he cheated on me with my "so called friend" last Monday and told me he didn't know what he wanted..could not help but wonder if this dream meant something else
javi 2016-07-05 02:15:11
I was captured by the government because i knew something special about a device that could help them destroy their enemy i was locked away in this glass room with a speaker constantly replaying telling me why i should i accept their offer i just wamted to get out of there and be able to feel my girlfriend and not see her through this glass. After i accepted i was taken to this ship where other big government ships was escorting me, my girlfriend gave me a bag of the things that calm me down the ship started moving i seen my girlfriend on that bridge as we left she said dont turn back baby but i had too so when i glanced back everything exploded i was in shock and started balling my eyes out.
jeremy tolentino 2015-12-13 05:18:28
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well my girlfriend was dead in a tub in my dream,and she had a white candle on the middle of the tub and a lot of saints candles or ceramic saints around her, but she send me that picture during a text on my phone saying wouldn't it be fun and next she send me a picture of her naked.I'm actually pretty scare for her because i love her.
Mya 2015-06-25 14:16:02
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Okay so my boyfriend called me and woke me up at 7:50am and told me he had a dream about me and he was scared and i asked bae what was it about he told me that i got into a car crash and didn't make it and he started screamin and he walked away sad. So what i believe like my boyfriend do dumb things and i get pissed but i apologoze to him. I think that if your boyfriend is makin you pissed than and keep doing dumb things he is going to miss you when you are gone,because a girl cant put up with bullshit for to long .
Grammar God 2015-08-16 15:51:28
Well where to begin. Okay One, your story makes no f*cking sense; Two b*tch you need to learn how to spell; three I bet "Bae" is always mad at your st*pid *ss because you simply can spell or put a mass arrange of words together without sounding like an complete id*ot. ; four I hope he leaves your illiterate *ss because just reading that p*ssed me off. Peace
Aspen 2016-08-23 13:50:27
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shut the f**k up, you id**t. She's just stating her opinion, this isn't school. Grow some manners will ya?
Real grammar God 2016-02-08 11:24:34
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Two things: "an" only comes before a word starting with a vowel.. Do you know what those are? "Complete" starts with a "C." You're the idiot.. Oh and, you probably meant to say she can't spell instead of "can spell" since all you were doing was babbling about how she's the dumb one, funny because you're the idiot that CAN'T seem to put words together, moron.. Go back to sleep..
Honestly 2015-10-25 13:37:34
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rude but true lol. i hope they don't break up because who is going to be with her then lmfao
The Real Grammar God 2015-09-13 12:57:08
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Message from Grammar God
Well where to begin. Okay One, your story makes no f*cking sense; Two b*tch you need to learn how to spell; three I bet "Bae" is always mad at your st*pid *ss because you simply can spell or put a mass arrange of words together without sounding like an complete id*ot. ; four I hope he leaves your illiterate *ss because just reading that p*ssed me off. Peace

because you simply cannot spell

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