Dream Dictionary Dead Goldfish

Dream Dictionary Dead Goldfish

A dead goldfish has a different meaning than a dead fish of any other sort.

Dream Dead Goldfish
Dream Dictionary Dead Goldfish, Flushed Away: The Dream Meaning of Dead Goldfish

This is because a goldfish represents something entirely different. If you see a dead halibut or a dead salmon, then that of course represents the death of the possibility of prosperity in your life because these fish are large and substantial. One would be able to feed an entire person or even two or three depending on how fleshy it was, but a goldfish represents a lack of the necessary sustenance a person would have to have in order to support themselves because these fish are known for being fairly small (except for their relatives, the koi fish, but these fish are not used for eating and their meaning is something completely different since they represent luck). What a goldfish does represent is responsibility. As mentioned in the introduction, goldfish are thought of as creatures that need to be cared for. If you have neglected the goldfish in your dreams and caused it to die then this means you are thinking of things in your life that will come to fail soon because you have been neglecting them. This kind of prophecy can refer to things or people. If you have been skipping out on your job recently or you haven’t been putting in as much work as you should then this means that you are worried about what could happen to your employment status soon if you keep up that behavior. You can’t expect to keep a job if you don’t put in the work it takes to impress your boss and really keep it. Likewise if you are spending too much time at work and not enough time with your kids/wife/husband, girl/boyfriend, etc, then this could mean that your relationship with that person is dead since you have put too much energy into one area of your life which took away from another area.

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