Dream Dictionary Dead lion

Dream Dictionary Dead lion

By far the one thing that lions are characterized best for is their relation to courage. This is why a dream of a dead lion can be so troubling.

Dream Dead lion
Dream Dictionary Dead lion, What it Means to Dream of a Dead lion

A lion is thought of as a majestic and proud beast, one that will die for its cause and one that fiercely hunts to provide for its family.

If you have a dream of a dead lion it means that your sense of courage and fearlessness is dying. You are scared of what is happening and what might happen. You need to rekindle that sense of courage inside yourself or you will be utterly useless later in life. You can’t let this happen to you either or it could be detrimental in many different ways. The lion is representative of your youth and your sense of virility. If you have a dream in which you see a lion dying it means that that sense of strength within you is dying as well. Don’t let this happen to you too.

Perhaps you have seen something or experienced something recently which really made you scared for one reason or another. You are extremely frightened and this may be on a superficial level or on a level in which you are generally concerned for your safety. Whatever the case is though, you will need to go about collecting your dignity or else you will soon find that you will be failing in a variety of things. Even if you are truly afraid at your heart, it is courage that has helped people get carried through the toughest of times, not fear.

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