Dream Dictionary Dead Otters

Dream Dictionary Dead Otters

Otters make very interesting choices and make the ideal choices that humans would like to make in many romantic situations.

Dream Dead Otters
Dream Dictionary Dead Otters, What it Means When you Dream of Dead Otters

Their symbolism should never be discounted, especially when images such as dead otters begin to appear in dreams.

If you have a dream of dead otters, and it is not just one, it is two otters; this could be because you feel like a relationship you were in has completely died. This is not a dream likely to happen just after a break up. One of the most curious things about otters is that, like humans, they attempt to stay together as partners forever once they have found the one that they want to be with. They can’t get married or divorced but they will stay mates for life once they’ve chosen. If you have a dream of dead otters it usually comes right after having realized that there is no chance of salvaging a relationship. This relationship could have been over for years, but the second you realize that it is over for good is when you might have dreams about dead otters.

Even though this may not be the case, otters are often thought of as lazy creatures since all they do is harvest clams, crack them on their bellies, and then slurp them out. They seem to not do a whole lot of work. Thus, if you have a dream about a dead otter it means that it is time for you to stop being lazy or else life will overtake you and you will not be able to improve from it. You need to take it one step at a time and then see what happens.

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