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To dream of dead people alive, the meaning of this dream is fairly obvious. The people that you dream of in your dreams are people that have died in the real world who you wish were still alive. You want them to be alive and want to see them again. Sometimes their inclusion in your dream world id related to the fact that you were unable to gain closure after their deaths. Maybe there was one last thing you wanted to say to them that you never got to say, sadly enough. Maybe they were just people you loved and you need guidance that only they can give you. Either way, these are the reasons you may dream of dead people alive.

To dream of dead people talking…well, this could mean that you believe that you want to hear what the dead would have said to you if they were still alive. If there were one last message they could relay to you before they left for the spirit realm for good, what it would be. This is what they want to tell you. You are curious about what their last words to you would be, so you are dreaming about them saying it. Sometimes it can be something funny, something poignant, something dramatic or something scary. Whatever the case, you are going to want to hear it so make sure to tune in.

Dreaming of dead alive could refer to more than one thing. It could mean that you are dreaming of dead people coming to life which was already discussed above or it could mean that you are dreaming of the dead walking the earth again as zombies, which is what the movie dead alive was about. As stated earlier the first meaning was covered above already. But if you have a dream in which you are a zombie this might mean that you are feeling too controlled by other people in life, as if your thoughts and emotions are being manipulated by a source outside yourself and you can do nothing to prevent all of this from happening. There are ways for you to get around it, but in general, you are just going to need to buck up and stick in for the long haul. To dream that you are being pursued by zombies, this means you feel as if you are the last free thinking person among your closest peers. You feel like the last sane one alive.

If you have a dream in which you see dead talking people it just means that you wish you could see those people that you see in your dream alive and well again. You want to be able to see them and make sure they are doing alright because you truly do care about them and the mean a lot to you. This is the sign of a good friendship or a good relative. You need their advice and want to hear their words of wisdom. You will have to search your soul to find out what they would want to say though.
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Marry 2015-04-24 07:27:41
What if I just see from far dead bodies and I don't know any of them. This is the third time I dream of dead random people. What does that mean?

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sheetal 2013-12-16 17:53:29
My mother died 2 month before she again and again comes in my dream and told that she had died but she loves me and always care me aftet awaking i feel jer some time her fregrance some time wind sound or weeping i wamt to ask u she was there or not she take re birth or not

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