Dream Dictionary Dead person

Dream Dictionary Dead person

A dead person as well as the death of a dead person can have the ability to have an intense effect on you or no effect at all; it all depends on how you feel about what you’re seeing and your own relation to death and thoughts of death, especially where dreams are concerned.

Dream Dead person
Dream Dictionary Dead person, What it means when you dream of a Dead person, Death of a dead person

If you have a dream that involves a dead person you are going to need to be more specific about that person’s relation to you. If you have a dream and you see someone you know as being dead then it means that you are worried about that person in real life and want to know what will become of them if they end up going out and doing something dangerous with their life. You are worried about the fact that their trip might be a dangerous one or that they are participating in some kind of behavior which might be detrimental to their health.

This is not something which you should let go lightly either. You really need to show concern for them and make sure that they turn out alright. It is the only thing you can do as a good friend. Make sure to follow their decisions and give input wherever you see necessary. If they let you know that they are going out to do drugs or to do some sort of dangerous sport you need to make sure to let them know how you feel about it so at the very least they will be a little more on their guard at times of problem. Even if it seems like they are not or even if it seems like they aren’t really listening to you, you still need to let them know because it will have an effect on them later while they are outside the immediate zone of your influence. Sometimes your own words can be far more powerful than you would have imagined.

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