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The meaning of life is something which humans have debated for all time, but it has only been recently that what constitutes a life at all has been a problem in current politics. This is brought on by topics such as abortion, discussion of which definitely has its place in society.

A fetus is the stage of life when a child is inside the womb but it has not fully developed yet to be able to function like a full child. If you have a dream in which you see a dead fetus this usually means that you think that you have stopped something before it was really able to start. Since a child is not technically alive until it has been born as defined by law so far, if you have a dead fetus it means that it was never able to experience a taste of life. This does not mean that you have to deal with an actual dead life in real life, it means that you need to think about the fact that there is something in your life which has just happened which has quit or stopped before you were able to start it. This could be a project or it could be something else, but unfortunately the plans were canceled before they even began.

Dreaming of a dead pregnant woman means that you are concerned about the Future, a fetus represents a future. The life of a person can take many twists and turns and a fetus in the womb opens up for millions of possibilities for how the child can grow, what it can learn, and where it will go in life. What does it mean when the child’s mother dies while the child is still unborn? Well, it means that there is no possibility of a future anymore. There is nothing left for you to do and nowhere left for you to go. What can you do when you have no future? No matter what happens, unless you are a second away from dying, you will always have a future. You may think that it looks like you don’t because you are in a tough position but there is always a way out of it.
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Lesego 2017-11-02 09:36:30
I had a dream about my deceased mother pregnant, what could that mean?

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Himanish 2017-10-25 08:02:38
Today i have seen a horrible dream of a dead pregnant woman whose stomach was busted and baby was outand people are wrapping her dead body with rope.Blood was everywhere.
What is the meaning of this dream.

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Vignesh 2017-09-20 02:20:10
In my dream everyone was happy and enjoying the day and suddenly its like 2 people coming they are ghost couple and they start fighting and the girl ghost goes near got shrine and gets herself killed with a large scream.one of the person near us also try to stop this happening but fails and they send the mans spirit out ...

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Simphiwe 2017-07-18 17:44:21
I dreamt of my aunt who jst passed away a month ago pregnant, she was pregnant and was staring at me from a distance not saying anything what does my dream mean?

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Minu 2017-03-19 02:18:06
I got a dream in early morning..that pregnant women's are dieing or a pregnant women goes through an accident and lost his child...a pregnant woman met with a road accident...I don't why such dreams are coming.

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girl 2017-09-30 22:43:19
ive just awoken from a horrific dream about my friend who i believe is pregnant, ok so in my dream. im coming around the corner in my car i see her but sh doesnt see me sh gts n2 hr car aftr warmly huging a blue baby doll. sh speeds off around th corner n starts drifting diliberatly sideways nd i drive up behind at a distance. while hr car is n th drift we lock eyes nd shs so calm nd smiles as sh has recognised me. frm this point everything is n slow motion, sh hits a parked car n sh rolls up it .this is th start of hr car flipping ,her roof is removed on th upside dwn impact nd flips once more n th air i see her body belted n2 hr seat strangle her belly like a rag doll being jolted around. shs very bloody. hr car finaly lands right side up, we both see sparks comming from th munted bonnet nd sumhw sh gts out of hr seat belt n jumps out of hr munted car jus as sh does hr car lets out a small puff of an explotion sending her to loose balance an wack th back of her head n2 th kerb. as i cme closer to her sh has blood dripping over her head broken body but hr eyes stil open and lifeless as i looked n2 them. then to top it all off a second car came speeding past nd ran over her hand. then i woke up jumped on google wrote it all dwn b4 i forgt it.

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Usman 2017-06-23 10:20:36
I had the exact same dream last night. I was staying at a hotel/motel with my family while we were on a road trip. It was a gloomy morning and I saw the woman die next to a taxi that seemed to be taking her to the hospital. The women's body was pale and there was a crowd in distress, all the people in the crowd were weeping. seems like a pedestrian tried to perform an emergency c-section but the baby died as well... the crowd became hysterically sad after seeing this. Worst dream of my entire life.

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