Dream Dictionary Dead sea

Dream Dictionary Dead sea

The Dead Sea is not just any sea, which is why the letters are capitalized. Sure you could think of a sea with dead creatures in it as being a Dead Sea, but the real Dead Sea is an actual landmark.

Dream Dead sea
Dream Dictionary Dead sea, What it Means when You Dream of Dead sea

It is called the Dead Sea because nothing can live in it. It is a sea whose salt content is so high that it causes people and other objects that have the potential to float, to stay suspended at the top of the body of water. Thus this makes the Dead Sea a fantastic dream symbol to pick apart and analyze.

Dreaming of the Dead Sea means that you have been pretty lucky lately and gotten out of a few tough scrapes. If you fall in the sea you will drown and die, even if you are an accomplished swimmer, you will not be able to swim from the middle of the ocean to shore without drowning from exhaustion or being killed by water predators. If you fall in the Dead Sea though you do not have to expend any energy and yet all the salts will cause you to float up. Also since all of the salts are so strong no creature can live in it, therefore you are totally safe. You are lucky.

Dreaming of the Dead Sea could also mean you are in suspension waiting for something. You feel like you’ve put your entire life on hold waiting for whatever it is you’ve been waiting for and it is causing you to feel like you are in intense anticipation. This is generally a good thing because it shows you how excited you are about what you are dealing with but it is also means that you are going to have to wait a long time which might not be all that great psychologically speaking.

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