Dream Dictionary Dead Sharks

Dream Dictionary Dead Sharks

The meaning of a shark in a dream is one of a predatory nature.

Dream Dead Sharks
Dream Dictionary Dead Sharks, The Dream Meaning of a Dead Sharks

Sharks are known for being tough and vicious predators that will stalk their prey and rip it apart if necessary. They will break into the lives of their prey and make it a living hell. Despite the fact that sharks are not as dangerous as you’d imagine they were and the fact that they usually won’t attack humans unless there is nothing else around, ever since movies like Jaws came out, sharks have been turned into a villain and have become the object of our fears. There is little reason to worry about a shark in real life but because your mind is more in tune with the movies than the actual facts since this is what most people are familiar with, a dream in which the predatory nature of a shark is totally dead means that there is cause for a feeling of relief in your life. The shark represents a scary presence that is following you around threatening to hurt you but it is all thanks to you and your quick thinking that the shark will no longer be bothering you. There was something in your life that was after you, that was chasing you, but it will be chasing you no longer, you have nothing to fear anymore.

A shark can also represent a loan shark, a person whom you are in great debt to. To have a dream of a dead shark in this sense would mean that you have just paid back a massive loan that was lent out to you, or you have been forgiven on a loan you once owed. This is a very positive dream and it means you no longer have to worry or spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. The time for worrying is over now that your slate has been cleared.

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