Dream Dictionary Dead Sheep

Dream Dictionary Dead Sheep

The lamb and sheep are animals that are generally held in high regard even though they may not be treated that way by cruel farms and terrible practices.

Dream Dead Sheep
Dream Dictionary Dead Sheep, The Significance of a Dream About a Dead Sheep, Dead Lamb

However, we use their meat, their milk, and their puffy coats as a way of getting ourselves through the rough times and it is through them many of us are able to sufficiently subsist.

A dead lamb usually means that you see your innocence as dead. This is of course when you see it in a dream. If you have a dream in which you see a dead lamb it is because you see it as your innocence and that part of you has just gone through some trauma. As hard as it may be to believe, the lamb is always seen as completely innocent while the wolf is seen as a scary predator. If you see the lamb as dead then that nice and innocent part of yourself is gone. It has been taken by the wolves. A dream about a dead lamb could also mean that you are now a leader though and not ready to be a follower anymore. Now you want to lead your own business and make sure that people follow you willingly and strongly.

Dreaming of a dead sheep is actually a good symbol because it means that you are finally ready to be a leader. Sheep are known for congregating in one large group and they are easy to bend to your will because they will respond when being chased by a single solitary figure, a person or a dog. They will run around all at the same pace and to the same area to get away from that being. They are known for being complete followers and not really doing anything for themselves even though they have brains which should allow them a bit more strength of mental faculties. Therefore if you see a dead one in your dreams it means that you are a leader now and ready to stand up for yourself instead of just following the crowd around all the time. If you happen to see a dead sheep though it can also mean that you have neglected your duties as a leader and other people are suffering because of it.

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Omg I had that same dream ^^ last night!
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What if you have a dream where the lamb is dead, but then suddenly comes back to life? I just had that dream and honestly it freaked me out
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