Dream Dictionary Dead sister

Dream Dictionary Dead sister


One of the most important people in the life of a person is the sister or brother. The relationship between a person and their brother or sister can be very close and incredibly eventful and important. Of course if a person does not have a sister or a brother this does not mean that their lives will be any less fulfilling, but for those that do, they may find it hard to function without them, therefore a dream about a dead sister, death of sister, or a dead sibling can be very hard to handle.

If you have a dream in which you see a dead sister then this means that you feel like there is something wrong in your relationship with your sister. You may not know what to do just yet and you may not know where to take a dream like this or how to respond but what it really means is just that you need to get back together with your sister and see how she's doing. You are worried about your relationship with your sister crumbling and going downhill. You miss her and you want to see her again and without her input your life may not get on the way it should. A sister can provide guidance and in fact there are many ways that a sister can help your life that a mother or father couldn't even help in.

There are many areas in a person's life that a sister needs to fill in that a mother or father cannot. A mother is a good influence on the life of a son or daughter as well as a father but their influence stands along with a type of fear that is there as well. Kids are just a little bit afraid of what their parents might think of them if they say a certain thing or act a certain way. They also grow up knowing that if they do act a certain way, even if their parents would not normally feel so inclined to get in on their child's business, that they will out of the obligation for being a good parent and making sure that their children are raised in the right way. A sister can also chastise a child but they so it with a little bit more friendliness, since they too know what it was once like to be tyrannized by their parents. Sharing this bond makes the relationship much better which is why the death of sister can be so hard to see even in a dream. This is not a good thing and you can be seriously traumatized by this.

Even if it is not a sister, a dead sibling of any gender can be a pretty serious symbol that you need to reconnect with your sibling or your sister before you lose her or you lose your brother. They may not die, but you really do need to establish a connection with them if only for your piece of mind. If it will help you sleep better then it will help the rest of your family sleep better. Just make sure to pay attention to your attitude and your views and see how far you can go with it or else you will get yourself into trouble.

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Ravneet 2022-12-03 07:00:33
I had two time dream of my dead sister with 6 or 8 months baby lay on the white clothes both of them and on white bed I want to understand meaning of that dream please let me know abt it
Elma 2022-08-22 21:01:13
Dream of dead sister and brother in law sitting in empty flat I'm looking back and seeing them
Lydia 2021-03-02 11:03:25
I had a dream where I got out of the car to find my house on the left hand side torn with no walls and hanging from the roof my sister in a noose covered in blood. While my other sister and mother said it's just clothing and laughing.
Charles 2020-10-27 01:34:31
I had dream where I was I was running in the bush with
My late sister as we were running at some point I couldn’t
Find her again next thing I saw was a empty grave in the dream
Then I woke up
Karen 2019-05-30 18:09:52
My sister passed almost 14 years ago. I recently dreamed she was alive. In my dream i asked her if i could hug her she opened her arms and i crawled in for a hug she pulled me into her lap and craddled me like a baby just before i woke up!
Eema 2018-08-20 13:15:40
I had a dream of going to sleep in the same bed with my deceived sister, the sherts were white and clean. But in the dteam she wasnt dead. I wonder what does it mean?
Kim 2018-08-04 20:25:02
2 months ago my oldest sister passed away. When we had her funeral I kept telling myself it wasn’t her. This morning I had a dream that I was at some dark house with her and my brother. I had forgot she passed away for some reason then out of nowhere I started shouting and crying asking her why she faked her death, why she made us believe she was gone and she just kept apologizing to me. I don’t know what it means. I just want to know if she’s leaving me some sort of sign.
Leticia 2018-07-03 16:04:30
Woke up this morning researching what it means to see my sister in my dream dead in a hospital surgery bed. Yet me and her having a conversation about how the surgery went. In the dream she is trying to hear the details of what went wrong with the surgery. I hug her and cry out I don't want to leave her I want to be with her.
My sister passed away Feb 9th 2017 of pancreatic cancer. Leaving her daughter age 11 and her son age 14. We live 30 minutes away from them. And have not been allowed to see them my mom who is completely destroyed by her loss seems to have now a better grip.my younger sister and I fall in and out of sadness. This does not get easier. I should of done more to protect her from bad decisions her evil spouse made my sister was an incredible brilliant nurse. And her final days were the hardest to live.i should of asked more questions and not trusted the ignorant husband who insisted on giving her marijuana suppository that was the beginning of her hospitalization. She dehydrated and wasn't able to keep any food down. She died in sylmar almost 3 hours away from the home she lived in. The coward couldn't even give her her last wishes of dying in the home she bought. My sister Beatriz is gone I am so sorry I couldn't protect her. Cancer got her I couldn't do much about that but her idiot husband who is now dating is a loser and did not deserve the years or life,my sister gave him. I am sorry Bea.i let you down.
Melisa 2018-06-29 01:08:06
my sister April died at 18 years old. I always dream about her, but last night in my dream we were sitting in church and she grabbed my hand when the preacher announced she was having twins, a boy and a girl. When I went to hug her she was smiling and I woke up. She had not been sexually active when she was alive, and I am unable to have children.
Sie 2018-06-18 12:39:49
i had a dream of my late sister asking me to stop my brother from bothering her. it sounded so real. do i have to worry
Angie 2020-02-01 22:55:32
I just dreamt about my deceased sister and she was beating my brother. She was doing that because he talked to much and she says he didn’t know what he was talking about he was lying. A situation took place where he said something and he think he knows but he don’t I think she’s angry with him because of the things he have said relating to her death and the way she loved her life.
Miranda meyer 2017-12-30 19:20:06
Ok but what if my only sister is dead and that was exactly a year and 16 days ago ... and i had a dream that she died in my dream! What could this mean? She's already dead why have a dream of her being dead?
another 2017-10-07 21:54:17
I keep having a dream where my younger sister, who I shall called Bri, got lost from our family when go somewhere. last time it was at the city, she ran off and dream me followed her. after finding her, dream me called.our mom telling her will get home by the travel wheel (my dreams are weird). After getting into one, I voice command my home address, after a while came to a stop from traffic. As I was calling my mom, Bri ran off because she saw something she like, I ran after her, that when I woke up. this dream occur twice, it never came back. my third dream was about Bri getting stuck on the bus, the bus just arrived and I was about to get on, as Bri ran inside, I asked the bus driver to wait for a second or two. when he just left without letting me in with Bri inside. I chase after bus, then I woke up.

Jessica 2017-09-16 23:21:51
I had a dream this morning my sister died. Her and I are really close outside of the dream (we're 16 months apart). In the dream she died out of nowhere, and kept coming back as a ghost. I remember I kept crying the entire dream because I felt guilty I never got to say goodbye or see her one last time. I know it was just a dream but I'm so worried there was like a secret meaning to the dream and I don't want it to be real. I'd miss her too much, I can't stop crying. I think the thing that got me the most in the dream was a part where I said something like "why did you have to go. Can't you just come back" and she said something like " it's okay that I'm gone, don't worry about me". I think too because I'm older it was just hard to hear she was okay with dying. It really upset Then when I woke up I just started crying because I thought for a split second it was real. Saddest dream I have ever had.
Jimmy 2017-09-13 11:11:08
I had a dream that I was riding with my cousin and someone called him and gave word to him that my sister had gotten murdered. He told me I cried and cried as we were Driving I called my dad and he said he had heard on the news that she got murdered. As we are still driving Im crying and crying and then I wake up what does this dream mean.
yang 2017-08-27 17:04:37
my dead sister is always in my dream. sometimes she's happy, sometimes shes angry but most of the time shes crying and silent. i never heard that she's talking in my dreams. my question is why she always visiting in my dreams . what is mean. shes died for almost 2years.
Sandra 2017-08-23 08:30:47
I always see my sister that is dead for many years in my dreams, sometimes we do communicate, pls what does it mean?
pinky 2017-08-13 01:00:34
I dreamed of my mother telling me to take the blanket of my deceased sister while we where talking my sister came and tell me not to take that blanket she want to give it to her children so she can write down how many times she visited them. what does that mean
joshler shipper yes yes 2017-08-01 06:25:32
I dreamed about 5 times, kinda the same place.

First ir was a weird dream about me and my bf going to that place, then to a cruise.

Second time, it was for vacations. The dream was positive.

But the last three times, are all about the same. My sister ( 5 yr old) goes with me, to play.

Somehow we get to a smol mountain and she falls through the bars that protect because she tripped and then falls off the world.

And i also got one where i was with my two sisters, and my dad.

We started singing Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, then everything went night, and me and my sister were alone, there. Oh, and we saw 2 giant people, with something to cut ( like this thing when you cut the eggs) and they were cutting people.

I asked if they were cutting people, one of them said "Here, No." And the other one said "Yep we are" and they forcefully grabbed my sis, and they tritured her.

It was really weird ;-;
#sadgirl13 2017-06-09 14:05:18
I had a very sad dream about my sister dying: My sister and I were climbing 89ft tall stairs that were connected to the same night building. All of thee sudden, my sister ran ahead of me. I was chasing her, telling her to stop, but she didn't. Just as I was about to catch up to her, she grabbed the railing, and flipped o er it, falling to her death .I saw her body. It was bloody. I went home felling like I was falling too,with a bunch of weights on top of me, and told my mom what happened. But she didn't care. That was my dream. When I woke up, I went to my sis and hugged her. I am 13 and she is 3.
Arth 2017-06-15 07:15:45
MAybe you just watched a horror movie with that scene and then you thought of it a lot until you dream of it. Just Pray to your guardian angel and it will help.
Davina 2017-06-07 17:39:49
I had a dream this morning where everyone was sleeping in the house and in the morning I wake to my 11 year old little sister in a body bag and my mom and grandma and sister crying saying she didn't wake up I started to panic and for some reason it went back to us sleeping instead I continued to sleep and once I woke up everyone except my other little sister who is 15 is gone shes sitting at the table and I ask where everyone went she says calmly my mom and grandma are out taking care of our little sisters funeral I said to my sister to never joke like that she said that shes not and that the cause of our little sisters death was a brain anerisim (I don't think I spelled that right) and that she was complaining about a head ache for a hour a few days ago so I got dressed and before I left I took a look at hr room with her little toys laying on the ground and I just lost it I couldn't believe it was true and right then and there my grandma and mom walked in the room and started hugging me and saying everything will be okay and we went to he funeral it was night out side for some reason and I felt as though I could feel her little spirit and that's all I remember I never want this to happen we have a good relationship So I don't know what this means Shes a very healthy little girl her graduation from 5th grade is coming up and this scars me I don't know what id do with myself this by far is the most fucked up dream I've ever had.
Monica 2017-05-07 15:07:27
I had a dream that my two-year-old sister passed away before her third birthday. In my dream, I tried to talk to my ex boyfriend to comfort me but instead, he didn't want to help me and was very blunt. Later on, in my dream, we had receive a package which was a chocolate egg which read 'Happy Birthday To Our Little Princess' my mum, dad and i all started crying as my mother explained to the guy delivering the package that my sister had just passed away and this was one of her presents that she would have loved and then I woke up and realised that I was crying because it was so real. I don't actually know what the meaning is behind it but I would like to know.
Matilda 2017-04-29 00:46:34
When my little sister was away for the weekend along with my brother I had a dream where me and my family was at some sort of vacation in a hotel somewhere (we were in a vacation only a week ago) and there we were eating ice cream on top of a roof and suddenly my sister just fell. I kind of saw her death felt my heart stop for a minute. I hoped she would be alive, but when we got down to see what happened she was dead. Next thing I know that we are back in normal life and I see my sister everywhere and hear her talking, like she would be there, she talked with us in dinner table, but only I could hear. Then one evening her ghost comes to ask me to play with her and of course l wanted to play with her.
Ricardo 2017-04-03 22:02:24
My older sister Cristina passed on June 2016 to a horrible car accident. She left behind a set of twins. She worked very hard to make sure that they would get into medical school. In January 2017 they both passed the exams and both are in Medical School. But she was not here to celebrate this event. The week after she passed I had a dream with her. She was coming towards me with a huge smile. I was so happy, I woke up calling my mother and telling my mother that she had not passed way, it was just a joke. Until I realized that this was around 3 in the morning and it was just a dream, and she was actually gone. Life has been difficult for me, my depression went from 3 to 10, where 10 is suicidal. I can't past the point when I got the news from overseas that she was gone. Every day I look at her body inside her car, completely destroyed. I can't go on...it is just not fair. It should have been me.. I don't have kids. Not her...she had kids and her voice would always change into a sublime ton everytime she spoke to me about her kids over the phone.I just can't understand things. It does not cut in my mind or in my heart. I want to blame God, but I am afraid...
Ivonne 2017-05-09 09:32:15
So sorry for your lost, I also lost my sister (my only sister) on June 9 2016, to a short battle of cancer (87 days to be exact)she did not have any children, and I wished she would of left us a part of her with us, I have been on depression pills before her lost triple them now, I can't stop crying for her sudden death, we did everything together, she adored my children and treated them as if they were her own, life isn't fare all I can say is one day I will see her again, until then I must learn or get use to the grieving of her lost 🙁
Megan 2017-03-12 06:12:20
I had a dream that I was having dinner with my aunt and my sister (who I live with). We were having a great time until my sister went into the kitchen and choked on some food and died. For some reason in my dream I didn't find out until the next day. All I wanted to do was call her. They wouldn't let me in the house becuase her body was still there. When I woke up in real life it felt so real that I was crying and I thought she had really died. I had to go into her room and lay with her afterwards. She is alive. I have these dreams a lot about my 2 older sisters.

Ashley 2017-01-12 07:46:30
I had a dream of my 6 yr old sister passing away but she didnt die in the dream because i woke up too soon.in the dream my sis was suffering with something to do with her heart. They had to burry her but she was still alive and it was scary for me. I remember seeing her getting covered with dirt alive and being covered with a giant rock. I was yelling telling them that she was still alive but no one listens.i go home calling my friend and my little sister appears telling me they gave her medicine to go to "sleep". And she wasnt sad.now their is a time limit till she dies and i couldnt stop this. This broke my heart when i woke up. I found myself crying and im still crying even though this was an hour ago. I just love my little sister but she is really annoying. I wish i never had this dream. Why couldnt i forget it like every dream i have? Im only 13 and this is too much to handly especially when you are this age.
monikaa 2017-01-03 19:58:13
i lost my elder sister 6 yrs back i have been dreaming regarding her daily whats the significance ?
Her 2017-01-02 14:55:10
I had a dream that my baby sister got killed and when we had her funeral.in my dream my sister would come and play with me and we would talk and laugh but then she just disappered. Now I won't Leave her side I tell her I love her constantly and I only 12 so it kinda scared me when I woke up I checked on her. This happened on January,1st,2017.The weird thing is that my sister is alive
My deceased sister was in my dream 2016-12-29 11:32:31
My deceased sister was in a dream. She was alive in my dream and said she only pretended to be dead. She was upset with family in the dream and she was angry. I found her in a place called Briar which I've never heard of. What does this mean? I was close to my sister but she lied a lot and always gother caught in them.
Denisse A 2016-12-11 07:54:56
This is a weird dream ok I was at like in the woods at a party with Andy Grammer there singing and I was with my sister and my cousins a little bit far away from the party so I was playing with my cousins and a pack of wolves approached us and we got away exept for my sister because she killed herself in order to save us so I didn't know so when I was leaving u asked my cousin where my sister was and she said she was dead right there I started crying so much then I woke up crying and I didn't stop even thought it was just a dream I was so sad I also had this dream 3 times and scared of this dream.
Nivithaponnamma@gmail.com 2016-09-14 16:32:58
I got a dreem that my mom and sister will die infant of god....and my sister will beat my mom so god had hit to my sister later god nly saying that let they both die....plz help me why I got this dreem

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