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One of the most important people in the life of a person is the sister or brother. The relationship between a person and their brother or sister can be very close and incredibly eventful and important. Of course if a person does not have a sister or a brother this does not mean that their lives will be any less fulfilling, but for those that do, they may find it hard to function without them, therefore a dream about a dead sister, death of sister, or a dead sibling can be very hard to handle.

If you have a dream in which you see a dead sister then this means that you feel like there is something wrong in your relationship with your sister. You may not know what to do just yet and you may not know where to take a dream like this or how to respond but what it really means is just that you need to get back together with your sister and see how sheís doing. You are worried about your relationship with your sister crumbling and going downhill. You miss her and you want to see her again and without her input your life may not get on the way it should. A sister can provide guidance and in fact there are many ways that a sister can help your life that a mother or father couldnít even help in.

There are many areas in a personís life that a sister needs to fill in that a mother or father cannot. A mother is a good influence on the life of a son or daughter as well as a father but their influence stands along with a type of fear that is there as well. Kids are just a little bit afraid of what their parents might think of them if they say a certain thing or act a certain way. They also grow up knowing that if they do act a certain way, even if their parents would not normally feel so inclined to get in on their childís business, that they will out of the obligation for being a good parent and making sure that their children are raised in the right way. A sister can also chastise a child but they so it with a little bit more friendliness, since they too know what it was once like to be tyrannized by their parents. Sharing this bond makes the relationship much better which is why the death of sister can be so hard to see even in a dream. This is not a good thing and you can be seriously traumatized by this.

Even if it is not a sister, a dead sibling of any gender can be a pretty serious symbol that you need to reconnect with your sibling or your sister before you lose her or you lose your brother. They may not die, but you really do need to establish a connection with them if only for your piece of mind. If it will help you sleep better then it will help the rest of your family sleep better. Just make sure to pay attention to your attitude and your views and see how far you can go with it or else you will get yourself into trouble.
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Lloyd 2015-03-24 13:13:46
I'm not close to anyone in my family,I haven't see any of them for more that 6 years now. But last night 24/03/2015.I dreamed of my sister. We were in a Black BMW with the cruise control on, so the car drove it self, i would say about 15 mils a hour.
So we were going slowly. Then suddenly we were hit by another car that pushed us off the road. As I was flying thaugh the air my sister bloody arm past me in the air, I didn't see where she landed but I know she was dead.I landed at the bottom of a steep bank in front of 3 colored children playing. I could now see other people looking for us. I was shouting to them, "can you see Wendy",they didn't reply to me or the 3 girls that was playing next to me.
One of girls said, It's OK they can't see you because I was dead.I asked about my sister they said don't worry your in a better play now.
Then I wake up. Funny I fent very happy, not sad at all. My dream was in color.

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Alyssa M 2015-02-27 04:42:20
I had a dream were my mom was pregnant she went into labor.after getting to a place to call 911 it wouldn't work 2 ladies took my mom and I didn't see her for a few minutes the ladies killed my 1 minute old suster that was just born I discovered my sisters blood and I brutally murdered the two ladies...  :(  :bad:

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ivy joy 2015-02-21 02:08:52
I dream my sister was left us and I screaming her name and mourning. Then I woke up, my sister was behind me sleeping.

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Melissa V 2015-01-29 13:24:23
I had a dream last night that my little sister had died in her car seat drowning because of her baby sitter. I can remember that I was at work and then they told me the news, when I got home my whole family was screaming and yelling and so was I. Then when I was at home I went to my moms bathroom and some type of ghost appeared in the mirror and then closed the bathroom door and i was so terrified. Then when I got in my room nothing was left in my room because the ghost took everything. I also remember going back to work but it was just so full and I was so stressed that i couldn't handle it and on top of that I still couldn't imagine that my little sister was dead so I just had to leave. Then when I got home again they told me she was behind the house and we were just curious how she got there. Then I woke up so scared and had watery eyes.

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Yolanda 2014-12-11 16:56:14
Just this morning for the second time i dreamt my sister who's already deceased since 12-2-13 from Cancer was showing me how to be careful at the edge of the roof and in the process she mistakenly tilted over, my father appeared out of no where crying telling me that my sister is dead on the ground insisting i look over the roof i did and there she laid in a pool of blood, The first dream was my mother, my deceased sister and i was in some sort of room with my sister sitting in a recliner chair with an I.V. In her arm, My mother and i began arguing i kept telling her i can't wait until my dad arrive as i watching him approach immediately upon entering the room he walked to my sister lift her by her neck and snapped itwand she just dropped i woke up screaming for days

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Summer 2014-12-04 07:34:17
I had a dream my sister fell off a bridge and died the next night I had a dream she died from cancer the dreams just keep coming what does this mean ??

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Ashley H 2014-11-22 12:08:46
My baby sister died last year Nov.13th to be exact, from cancer... I talk of her a lot and sometimes I often cry... but last night I had a dream that she was in a tomb and I was looking for her and she was trying to sleep and she kinda got mad at me. I was looking for her and I just wanted to see her then when I finally got in there too see h her she smiled and I kissed her hand and closed the tomb back up... I miss her so much.. this year she would've been 22. In this dream she also came a day before my birthday... what does all this mean

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