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Occasionally the word stranger takes on a more sinister tone since the word is often heard in the popular phrase ďdonít talk to strangersĒ but this only serves to elevate the meaning of the dream symbol of a dead stranger or the death of a stranger to even more epic proportions. Dreaming of a dead stranger means that you are worried about others outside of yourself. You are concerned about the welfare of others and this means that you have grown as a person. You are a stronger person and you will be successful because of it.

A dead stranger can also symbolize a ton of social growth though. This is because it means you have no need to be afraid of strangers anymore. This can be a fear in the most common sense of the word such as a paralyzing thought that they may hurt or kill you, or this fear could be rooted from the social fear of approaching someone new and attempting to make friends. In any case though, a dream like this suggests you may be past this stage of fear and you are ready to move on as a better adjusted adult. As silly as it is, this type of thing can be hard for others to overcome and should not be taken lightly.

If you have a dream about the death of a stranger, the meaning of it basically depends on how hospitable and charitable you are to strangers when it comes to you. If you are the type of person that usually keeps to themselves, then if you have a dream about the death of a stranger it basically means that you are becoming a little more aware of the world around you. You are realizing that bad things sometimes happen to people outside of yourself, but you have yet to form an emotional connection to them, If you have a dream in which you see the death of a stranger and you are the type of person that is supremely connected to the anonymous and to people that are not you then it means that you have just gone through something sad, through some sort of sadness that you need to help convey and sort through. Get help from everyone you can so that you feel more true to yourself.
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Michele 2016-03-20 03:32:58
I saw myself sleeping on a couch but then as I woke up and left and I turned around I saw a dead man squashed into the couch with half of his body out I was in a shock and was screaming in my head as tears started to form into my eyes I didn't know what do but I stared at the man worried how I could have slept there not noticing before and that he coulee had attacked me or something even though he was dead.

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Lorraine 2016-02-02 12:57:31
I dreamt that me and my mum were walking through a small shopping h mall and we saw a woman with a small child in a push chair in front of us. The woman suddenly collapsed on the floor and the push chair tipped over. Me and my mum ran over and for some reason we instantly knew it was because the lady had high blood pressure. I left my mum with the lady while I ran out the mall screaming for a medic or for anyone with medical experience to help. I found a young trainee medic but he just looked at her and said there was nothing he could do then walked away. I then panicked and ran tho the hospital which was nearby and screamed for a nurse. A nurse said she was coming but had to get changed first and would meet me there. Once I got back to my mum and the lady the lady was dead! Me and my mum couldn't stop crying and when the nurse finally arrived she confirmed the ladies death. It was so heart breaking and I couldn't stop thinking about the child in the push chair  :(

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Elisabeth 2016-01-21 21:26:00
I'm not normally someone who dwells on morbid thoughts, or even watches horror movies for that matter. So my dream was striking needless to say - even after I woke up from the first set of violent dreams with stranger deaths, I went back to sleep and had more.

The first death involved a celebratory occasion, where many people in their 20s and 30s were gathered to watch a fireworks display. It was over a lake and many kids were sitting in the water. During the displays, some of the fireworks hit a young man who was sitting in the water - I immediately saw blood gush from his leg so I turned away even in my dream. But from the reactions of the crowd and the friends I was with, it only continued to get worse. Apparently then his eye popped out with a rush of blood, and then had further mini explosions in his body. This young man, so full of life just wanting to enjoy the fireworks.... says goodbye to the world in such a violent death, one that happens in front of so many people.  :(

The second death involved a man, his pregnant wife, and their family. We were all waiting for an elevator and the pregnant woman and the family took one full elevator up to 10th floor, leaving the husband behind. There was a problem with their elevator as it seemed to heavy - I'm not quite sure if they made it or not... but the man tried to help and he ended up in a different elevator that broke down and he was crushed to death at the bottom. Again, another celebratory occasion, where a man dies a terrible death just before such an exciting moment in his life...

The third death was not with a stranger, and I woke up before anything happened. But it was by poisoning... and this guy wasn't a stranger, rather the president of a certain country....... I woke up before anything happened. Maybe I read too much of the news.

I don't know why I wrote these down here, I guess I just needed an outlet.

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Taioldi 2015-10-16 09:05:33
Strange enough i had a dream that i was at work, and a person i didnt know walked through the door, blue suit , white shirt and red tie. dark yellow (slightly orange) hair with a thick mustache. For some reason i cried and said nothing , then as i walked out of the room he called out and looked at me. then for some reason i realized he's already dead. i went down the stairs and that was it.

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Karley 2015-09-28 00:03:41
I had a dream that I was scared of robbers robbing my car because in my dream alot of cars had been robbed, days before so I locked my car really well but later on that night I go to the window and see outside the parking lot and see a neighbor's car all messed up, vandalized, wrecked, all apart. I also see the neighbor outside checking his car out that it was robbed into...Then I turn my head to the other side and see my car with the trunk open, doors open, cracked windows, and hoodless. I get shocked that they broke into my car and robbed. So then I go outside my porch and look down (I live upstairs) and in the floor I see a dead lady that had been killed there and there was blood around her. I asked the neighbor who was outside that who was the dead person, and he told me it was this lady that lives in my apartments that was white? Then the cops were coming but I don't know what happened after that. But anyways in real life I think I know what lady was killed that lives in my apartments. What could this mean? Dreaming of a stranger dead???

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Scary dream 2015-08-20 04:24:29
I had a dream about dead stranger.In that dream I am a part of some biker gang which is known for being notoriuos,everyone would immediately get out of our way when they see us.All I remeber is that I am cruising with my gang throught some city and there are a lot of people but there is no one on the streets,everyone is hiding from us.Then we get a call from some guy who appeared to be our boss,he then said that he wants us to kill his girlfriend beacuse she was cheating on him.When we found out the place where she is we discovered that she was with a boss of other gang also notorious as mine gang.We waited or him to get out of there so we can kill her.After he was gone one of the members said to me to go out and see if she is still in the apartment.So I did it,when I came inside of the building I noticed her locking the doors and leaving.I approached her and she just smiled and asked me if I was part of gang,even if I wanted to say yes I replied with no.We then started talking in front of the apartment and just when I felt comfortable being with her my gang comes in guns blazzing,whole building was full of enemies and she was just trying to get back in the apartment.I didnt want to shoot her in matter of fact I even tried to save her but in last second one of my guys shot her dead.After that I felt very sad,then we had to run away as the other gang was hunting us down.In the end we are at the industrial park fighting against the enemy boss.After we killed him suddenly an zombie apocalypse started and thats when I woke up.

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ceera 2015-06-02 07:34:27
one night I had dreamed that one stranger who was the daughter of my grand father who had died something about 11 years ago had in my and I dot know that she was there. I told to my grand father he told me about how she died

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Ceecee 2015-01-16 08:12:32
I had a dream of a stranger that was dead already and she told me I was close to death. I vividly seen her name and age and Googled the name and the actual female from the dream popped up age and all what does this mean

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Smith 2015-08-20 14:52:37
I had a dream about stranger but she wasnt dead.When I googled her name the same thing happened,she is real but I never knew she existed.

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AnonymousTom 2014-10-05 18:18:19
I had a dream that my cousin(whom I rarely speak to) had a friend who passed. In that dream he was sad and I was sad for him because she seemed like a nice person, and then all I could wonder was how did she die, and why was her name the name of someone I liked.

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tiara 2013-08-06 20:40:27
thanx alot it will help me

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