Dream Dictionary Dead Stranger

Dream Dictionary Dead Stranger

Occasionally the word stranger takes on a more sinister tone since the word is often heard in the popular phrase “don’t talk to strangers” but this only serves to elevate the meaning of the dream symbol of a dead stranger or the death of a stranger to even more epic proportions.

Dream Dead Stranger
Dream Dictionary Dead Stranger, The Dream Meaning of a Dead Stranger, Death of a Stranger

Dreaming of a dead stranger means that you are worried about others outside of yourself. You are concerned about the welfare of others and this means that you have grown as a person. You are a stronger person and you will be successful because of it.

A dead stranger can also symbolize a ton of social growth though. This is because it means you have no need to be afraid of strangers anymore. This can be a fear in the most common sense of the word such as a paralyzing thought that they may hurt or kill you, or this fear could be rooted from the social fear of approaching someone new and attempting to make friends. In any case though, a dream like this suggests you may be past this stage of fear and you are ready to move on as a better adjusted adult. As silly as it is, this type of thing can be hard for others to overcome and should not be taken lightly.

If you have a dream about the death of a stranger, the meaning of it basically depends on how hospitable and charitable you are to strangers when it comes to you. If you are the type of person that usually keeps to themselves, then if you have a dream about the death of a stranger it basically means that you are becoming a little more aware of the world around you. You are realizing that bad things sometimes happen to people outside of yourself, but you have yet to form an emotional connection to them, If you have a dream in which you see the death of a stranger and you are the type of person that is supremely connected to the anonymous and to people that are not you then it means that you have just gone through something sad, through some sort of sadness that you need to help convey and sort through. Get help from everyone you can so that you feel more true to yourself.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dead Stranger

Rizza 2018-11-16 01:48:13
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I dreamt seeing a stranger riding a bike, and fell. At first I thought he maybe just sprained or had minor abrasions. I went closer and seen his body folded and he died.

I told people to call for help, they all say they will, but no one's doing it, and they were just walking around the body.

So I called for an ambulance by myself, and even the man on the phone has no sense of urgency. And as I was giving more information, my mouth kept slurring words uncontrollably and as I try my best to correct my speach, I woke up.
Terra 2018-11-06 19:42:16
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I had a dream that either someone had died or that I saw their coffin/casket in my mom's house or something. But I didn't know them, but it seemed like in the dream we could of been friends/potential lovers. It's so strange, because he was a stranger, but I felt like I knew him very well in the dream.
Andymay 2018-10-14 17:55:41
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So i just had a dream this girl i knew (didn’t have the same physical features tho) was some how always sleeping in bed with her mom, i was alone in her room with said mom and i somehow figured out she was actually dead, and as i was looking around to get my shit out of there (huge germaphobe) and i snap my head and look at the mom and she says something, i can’t remember which is annoying me rn. I was scared but i knew i didn’t have to be
Kristen 2018-09-03 04:08:44
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I had a dream that me and my family where in California on vacation to go to Disney Land and some how I ended up alone in an empty house I can’t remember how or why but I remember seeing an older lady and she was coming to the realization that she was dead and thinking of all the things and memories she would miss out on such as seeing her grandkids opening up presents on Christmas morning and rather than being scared I felt sympathy for her and some how was able to hug her to try and help her feel better then I woke up what does this mean I never seen this lady in my life
Jake 2018-08-31 18:02:20
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I had a dream last night that I was at a strangers funeral but she had come out of her casket and spoke to me. I couldn’t see her however I knew her name was Eva and she told me that I will be participating in her funeral three weeks from now. What does this mean
Chris 2018-08-22 11:28:54
👍 +2 👎
I had a dream where Jeff Goldblum got eaten by a featherless duck dinosaur the size of a t-rex. It was very graphic(ducks have serrated tongues) and i couldn't stop thinking about it after i woke up.
Unknown 2018-04-03 14:51:18
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I have dreams of strange dead women. They come to me wanting sexual favors. This is happening to me every night. It's a different woman or sometimes there's more than one that comes to me. Last night one came to me from what appeared to be in clothing from the 1800's.
This is getting a little weird for me.
Heidi 2018-11-20 23:36:08
The dreams your having are actually demonic spirits coming to your dreams. Say a prayer according to your faith and ask I. Your prayers for protection also mention In your prayers that only good spirits can enter your life and dreams and that you forbid and give no permission to any evil entity to enter your home your life and your dreams also demand them to leave your home and your dreams and that they have no permission to hurt you and your family
sachin 2018-02-27 15:58:48
👍 +1 👎
I came from house at around 6 in th evening.. was very tired so decided to sleep for sometime. I saw a dream in which me n my best friend were walking on a road alongside a canal or small dam I guess... a few street lights ahead the road took a u turn. My best friend and I were talking when suddenly he grabbed my hand and started running ahead as fast as he could... as if he had spotted something. I was trying to see what it was.. when we reached the U turn I saw what he had seen. It was a tree from the jungle. I could see in the street light... there was a boy.. a dead boy hanging to the tree.. he was in his night suit and his face had gone all bad... wrinkled.. almost rotten. When we were about to pass the u turn... I was somewhat being pulled from my friend towards the hanging dead body and my hand snapped out of his hand.. I somehow landed back on the road...last thing I remember the still expression on my friends face when he saw me bounce back on the ground and then we both ran screeming... thats when I started humming loudly in my dreams. Mom was watching tv outside in the hall.. she came running in my room.. put on the lights and woke me up.... It was a strange dream... had no such thoughts in my mind before sleeping... dont know why how or what. Yes there is this one thing... the friend I was talking about, we are not talking, infact no contact from last six months.
Mel 2018-10-08 02:23:25
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my dream was that we were sleeping on our boat like normal and then we moved to the living room and i heard something on the deck.. i opened the curtains and saw a cop, so i woke up my partner and opened the door and asked, what are you doing here, what's going on. they pointed up at the fly bridge and said - someone got killed here last night... we didn't know the people, very strange.
Viodino 2018-02-04 16:02:24
I had few dreams, my fear of the darkness has gotten worse after those dreams. After a while, I had another dream yesterday night- I woke up at 3am and couldnt fall asleep. I was supposed to wake up for school at 6am.
Anyways- It started from 3nightmares I had in one month- but the first one didn't include death (if I didnt wake up maybe someone wouldve died Idk)
So next to the second dream- There were 4sisters and they all looked the exact same. Each one died in a different way. The first one held a dog that was really big and fast, and he ran while she was holding him- and because she was little compared to him, she just got dragged. The dog ran so fast and passed a wall, but the way the girl held the dog made her run into the wall.. and wall.. There was A LOT of blood. the second death and third death happened at the same time. There was an abandoned basement- it was large and has a tree in it. There was a window, and through the window a branch stuck out and grabbed one of the girls legs. The tree started falling down, dragging the girl with it, and she fell to her death. Then the other girl rolled inside the broken window and also fell to her death. The last death was really bizzare- a sister (too many sisters omg) was getting blue paint through a huge pipeline, and her sister was stuck inside it and the paint made her choke to death.
The third dream was about 2 twin sisters (I think they were twins🤔- There kept on being pictures, only pictures of the 2 girls, but every picture was different and it started getting more and more messed up. You could see the 2 sisters rlly loved each other- you could see that through their photos. But, all of a sudden, the pictures started being messed up. It went from a nice picture to a fucked up picture and then a nice one nd a bad one again. It ended up with a picture of only one of the sisters. She was holding a fork with meat on it. Her sisters meat.
My last dream- yesterday- Was about a group of dancers that had a huge crowd. But all of a sudden everything has gotten scary.. 4 huge hooks went down from the sky and grabbed (went inside) one of the dancers arms and legs- caused him to bleed badly. Then, the hooked put him inside of a weapon- Idk its name so I will try to describe it.
Its a ball with spikes that you can swing and hit people with it- a really deadly weapon.
So anyways, the guy was being put inside of that weapon- Ofc the weapon was extremely huge. And the weapon started being swung around, hitting the floor, and you could see blood splattering all around.
I was very curious to know why I have death related dreams.. I don't even watch horror films or anything that is even considered horror! ;-;
Holly 2018-02-01 01:40:59
I had a dream about a man/young adult? Called Ben Oxford, he and his friends were at a party and Ben had disappeared, his friends were looking for him in the early hours of the morning and found his body behind a neighbours shed. The weirdest part was a girl screaming at the body and it felt like she was staring at me when she said 'I only spoke to him yesterday' and whilst this isn't a creepy message, it felt like she was trying to say something to me. I've never believed in a 6th or anything like that but it really freaked me out.
Natasha 2017-12-30 18:57:38
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I had a dream where my friend and I were at mcdonalds and there were these girls rooting me on for some reason? We all became friends and such.. After leaving mcdonalds there was a dead dog and I told my friend to look away, then we did and walked a little further and there was a dead girl, It was very graphic and everything.. blood and it looked as if she was cut open. My friend and I went into some sort of building and it was a long hallway it a lot of rooms. Each room had a dead body in it and it was very weird. I wouldn't say I was scared I was just shocked and confused.. Thinking if there was a murderer, I was wondering where is the police during this whole thing. It was weird once I woke up and I told my mom, she looked at me as if I am crazy lol.
C. 2017-11-24 20:54:32
I had a dream about meeting this random person who became the loml but we got into an accident, I’m not sure if it was a natural disaster but there were people who lost their lives, but like he ended dying in the process and I remembered crying and screaming that it was a lie that he’s dead. I was also with a group of friends that I’ve never met before irl and it was interesting. Also, there was also a sense that he definitely wasn’t gone but my alarm went off so I don’t know what happens after.

unknown 2017-11-24 05:06:25
I need to know what it means when you have a dream finding a half of a person that is dead I am scared and worried and i have research this and cant find anything on it
-A 2018-06-02 22:30:27
👍 +1 👎
I had a very similar dream to this, only I witnessed it. I was making my way to school and there was a bin truck that was in front of someone's home. One of the bin men that empties the bins and such was emptying the bin at the back of the truck, when all of a sudden the back of the truck closed in on him meaning that half of his body was trapped. He ended up getting crushed and half of his body fell to the floor. This dream was so vivid, I remember being so horrified, I thought it was real. I tried to find something on this but all failed.
Amber Walker 2017-10-16 05:44:05
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I had a very vivid dream. I woke up sitting at a dimly lit table at what looked to be an old 2 story bar or dancehall. Then I felt very tired and fell asleep. Then I awoke down stairs sitting in a rocking chair. As I opened my eyes my vision is blurry and I see a very beautiful man standing before me but I can never see his face but feel he is beautiful. Then I fall back asleep and hear the man's voice say "beautiful children" then I wake up in an unfamiliar place with a note that read "thank you. I haven't felt ALIVE in years".
Unknown 2017-08-04 15:18:26
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I had a dream that I was in a random persons house and I witnessed to random children die. Then their grandparents came back. The grandma somehow traded her life to bring the children back to life. Then I was in my room, my friend had been sleeping on my bed with me for the last couple of days. I don't know why. One day she didn't come so I went out to go and get her. I saw her and told her to come in and went back in my room to clear off my bed. She didn't come in and when I went back out to look for her, she was gone.
harman 2017-06-08 10:05:34
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In my dream i saw a newly married woman.she holds my hand and mouth and smiled at me.i want to take lord's name but i could not.
what is its means?im so scared.
T 2017-03-22 05:53:00
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In my dream, I was at an amusement park and my girlfriend and I had just got off the ferris wheel. We were walking past say the "power tower" where we saw a young man going up, he was shouting things (i couldn't hear/understand)and then he dropped a white bonnet to the ground. Once the bonnet hit the ground he had successfully unbuckled completed and jumped. It was in slow motion as i watched him fall. i know i was in shock/awe of what I was witnessing/seeing. I did have to look away as he hit the ground - where he exploded all over people and my friend. I had to wipe blood/guts off of her face and try to calm her down. We were both breathing so heavy in the dream and my anxiety was so high that at that point - somehow - i knew i was dreaming and i woke myself up to get away from that horrible feeling. Woke up almost hyperventilating. Good times. Love remembering my dreams 🙂
Unknown 2017-01-19 17:25:32
👍 +1 👎
My dream was really strange, it was in black and white and the thing is I wasn't there but I didn't know this person. He was on this metal table and was tied down to it and he was in this room and the walls and floor were stone. He was laying there with duct tape on his mouth and these people had a machine and would put it on him and it would electrocute him and he would scream. It just kept happening to him and I couldn't help him, it was like I was over viewing the dream. Next thing I know was I woke up screaming.
Anonymous Person 2016-12-02 22:56:01
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In my dream I was in a large haunted house and this black shadowy figure appeared in front of me, staring towards me and then looked towards a 20 year old women who had brown hair. I don't remember how exactly that person died but when I found them (already dead) their body as then ingulfed in flames. In the same dream I was in a park and the same thing happened only it was a man, roughly around the age of 40 and had brown hair. Their body was also ingulfed in flames after I found them dead. Then I was at a carnival, the same figure appeared and once again looked at me and then to a little girl with blonde hair who was on a ride. Once the figure disappeared the little girl's neck snapped and then only the girl was ingulfed in flames. The ride was fine. When I woke up the black shadowy figure was standing at the end of my bed, staring at me. I could move which means it wasn't sleep paralysis. Once I stood up it disappeared. (This is all true, none of this is made up)
Unknown 2016-10-03 18:45:32
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I had a dream that I was driving along in a car on my way to sainsburys and there was two turnings and my mums ex used to get confused with these turnings and we went through the wrong turning entrance and all of a sudden next thing I know I'm with my grandad not my mums ex and we crashed into the garden and I looked up at the window and this unusual looking mid 40's looked at me and smiled and started laughing! I was very confused but I turned around and I'm not sure where my grandad went but I was now with my dad so the man came down stairs and opens the door and invites us in for a cuppa because we were shaken up and then we just stand inside the house but next to the door and then the man started asking have you got a tooth brush I have one and we said oh we don't need anything ljke that we just don't know what to do about the car which the unusual man seemed alright about?! So he came back down the stairs and said ok (my name) and I looked at my dad and was like how does he know my name ?! So I asked him and he goes the voices spoke to me and I ask him what voices tell you and he goes the man sometimes it's a boy or a man and I go ok like thinking concerned and then he goes can I have a hug I've missed you so much and I go I don't want a hug and he starts forcing me to have a hug so I back away and open the door and he follows me out and my dad for some reason couldn't move towards me and next thing I know I thing of one of those people that help click your back? And I go to him your one of those people and all of a sudden my like breaking random peoples backs out of the blue just random people and then i tried breaking the unusual mans back and then I woke up.
Samantha 2016-09-24 05:36:14
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I dreamt I was in my house with my family and their were these strange people nailed to trees and blood was pooling onto the grass and road.
Aaliyah 2016-06-14 05:24:44
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I had the most gruesome dream. My mother and her best friend were sitting down eating on their lunch (their work) and we're watching tv and there was a dead man who was naked on a clean bed with many cameras around him and they kept switching as if it were a movie. He had long hair in a pony tail and was faced the opposite way of the camera. He had a HUGE hole in his side and there were like 30 mice eating him, there was flies EVERYWHERE and they were eating him too. Then a mans hand came and moved the mice toward the face and anywhere else they haven't gnawed, there was no blood at all and the sheets were clean. The only sound was the buzzing of the flies and I told my mom to turn it off right away, she continued to watch as if I wasn't there. I tried to look away but soon I couldn't and continued to watch too. Then I woke up.
girl 2016-04-14 04:34:54
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I had a dream that I went to a mall with my close friend. we were sitting on a bench, then we decided to have a walk. we noticed the second floor of the building 🙁 it was only half built and the remaining area was built of wood (very weak,just about to break). people were jumping with the help of the wood slabs to the other part. then only i noticed a boy whom I didn't knw doing so. he wanted to go to the other side to purchase eatables. in 1st attempt he was successful to do so but after purchasing snacks when he again decided to do so[ to use the wood slabs to return to the second floor or was somewhat like jumping and playing] he fell from second floor and died. he fell near a security guard. the dream was very horrible and after this i am very scared as that small boy was very similar to my cousin. after this in the dream only i told my mother that i had seen a dream in which i saw my cousin ( but i referred that boy as my cousin in my dream) falling from second floor and dying. i even told her to inform my aunt regarding this so that she could take care of my cousin ( he is very notorious)
presently i am very depressed also as my father is very ill and i am not getting admission in a good school ( I am a school student)....is it related to my fears and worries??? or something else...please help me out
i assume it was a very long dream and was very depressing 😨 😭
TAMMY 2016-04-12 10:46:54
👍 +2 👎

Michele 2016-03-20 03:32:58
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I saw myself sleeping on a couch but then as I woke up and left and I turned around I saw a dead man squashed into the couch with half of his body out I was in a shock and was screaming in my head as tears started to form into my eyes I didn't know what do but I stared at the man worried how I could have slept there not noticing before and that he coulee had attacked me or something even though he was dead.
Lorraine 2016-02-02 12:57:31
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I dreamt that me and my mum were walking through a small shopping h mall and we saw a woman with a small child in a push chair in front of us. The woman suddenly collapsed on the floor and the push chair tipped over. Me and my mum ran over and for some reason we instantly knew it was because the lady had high blood pressure. I left my mum with the lady while I ran out the mall screaming for a medic or for anyone with medical experience to help. I found a young trainee medic but he just looked at her and said there was nothing he could do then walked away. I then panicked and ran tho the hospital which was nearby and screamed for a nurse. A nurse said she was coming but had to get changed first and would meet me there. Once I got back to my mum and the lady the lady was dead! Me and my mum couldn't stop crying and when the nurse finally arrived she confirmed the ladies death. It was so heart breaking and I couldn't stop thinking about the child in the push chair 🙁
Elisabeth 2016-01-21 21:26:00
👍 -4 👎
I'm not normally someone who dwells on morbid thoughts, or even watches horror movies for that matter. So my dream was striking needless to say - even after I woke up from the first set of violent dreams with stranger deaths, I went back to sleep and had more.

The first death involved a celebratory occasion, where many people in their 20s and 30s were gathered to watch a fireworks display. It was over a lake and many kids were sitting in the water. During the displays, some of the fireworks hit a young man who was sitting in the water - I immediately saw blood gush from his leg so I turned away even in my dream. But from the reactions of the crowd and the friends I was with, it only continued to get worse. Apparently then his eye popped out with a rush of blood, and then had further mini explosions in his body. This young man, so full of life just wanting to enjoy the fireworks.... says goodbye to the world in such a violent death, one that happens in front of so many people. 🙁

The second death involved a man, his pregnant wife, and their family. We were all waiting for an elevator and the pregnant woman and the family took one full elevator up to 10th floor, leaving the husband behind. There was a problem with their elevator as it seemed to heavy - I'm not quite sure if they made it or not... but the man tried to help and he ended up in a different elevator that broke down and he was crushed to death at the bottom. Again, another celebratory occasion, where a man dies a terrible death just before such an exciting moment in his life...

The third death was not with a stranger, and I woke up before anything happened. But it was by poisoning... and this guy wasn't a stranger, rather the president of a certain country....... I woke up before anything happened. Maybe I read too much of the news.

I don't know why I wrote these down here, I guess I just needed an outlet.
Taioldi 2015-10-16 09:05:33
👍 +1 👎
Strange enough i had a dream that i was at work, and a person i didnt know walked through the door, blue suit , white shirt and red tie. dark yellow (slightly orange) hair with a thick mustache. For some reason i cried and said nothing , then as i walked out of the room he called out and looked at me. then for some reason i realized he's already dead. i went down the stairs and that was it.
Karley 2015-09-28 00:03:41
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I had a dream that I was scared of robbers robbing my car because in my dream alot of cars had been robbed, days before so I locked my car really well but later on that night I go to the window and see outside the parking lot and see a neighbor's car all messed up, vandalized, wrecked, all apart. I also see the neighbor outside checking his car out that it was robbed into...Then I turn my head to the other side and see my car with the trunk open, doors open, cracked windows, and hoodless. I get shocked that they broke into my car and robbed. So then I go outside my porch and look down (I live upstairs) and in the floor I see a dead lady that had been killed there and there was blood around her. I asked the neighbor who was outside that who was the dead person, and he told me it was this lady that lives in my apartments that was white? Then the cops were coming but I don't know what happened after that. But anyways in real life I think I know what lady was killed that lives in my apartments. What could this mean? Dreaming of a stranger dead???
Scary dream 2015-08-20 04:24:29
I had a dream about dead stranger.In that dream I am a part of some biker gang which is known for being notoriuos,everyone would immediately get out of our way when they see us.All I remeber is that I am cruising with my gang throught some city and there are a lot of people but there is no one on the streets,everyone is hiding from us.Then we get a call from some guy who appeared to be our boss,he then said that he wants us to kill his girlfriend beacuse she was cheating on him.When we found out the place where she is we discovered that she was with a boss of other gang also notorious as mine gang.We waited or him to get out of there so we can kill her.After he was gone one of the members said to me to go out and see if she is still in the apartment.So I did it,when I came inside of the building I noticed her locking the doors and leaving.I approached her and she just smiled and asked me if I was part of gang,even if I wanted to say yes I replied with no.We then started talking in front of the apartment and just when I felt comfortable being with her my gang comes in guns blazzing,whole building was full of enemies and she was just trying to get back in the apartment.I didnt want to shoot her in matter of fact I even tried to save her but in last second one of my guys shot her dead.After that I felt very sad,then we had to run away as the other gang was hunting us down.In the end we are at the industrial park fighting against the enemy boss.After we killed him suddenly an zombie apocalypse started and thats when I woke up.
ceera 2015-06-02 07:34:27
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one night I had dreamed that one stranger who was the daughter of my grand father who had died something about 11 years ago had in my and I dot know that she was there. I told to my grand father he told me about how she died
Ceecee 2015-01-16 08:12:32
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I had a dream of a stranger that was dead already and she told me I was close to death. I vividly seen her name and age and Googled the name and the actual female from the dream popped up age and all what does this mean
Smith 2015-08-20 14:52:37
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I had a dream about stranger but she wasnt dead.When I googled her name the same thing happened,she is real but I never knew she existed.
AnonymousTom 2014-10-05 18:18:19
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I had a dream that my cousin(whom I rarely speak to) had a friend who passed. In that dream he was sad and I was sad for him because she seemed like a nice person, and then all I could wonder was how did she die, and why was her name the name of someone I liked.
tiara 2013-08-06 20:40:27
👍 +9 👎
thanx alot it will help me

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