Dream Dictionary Dead Whale

Dream Dictionary Dead Whale

Dream with a dead whale symbol generally means that something thought to be beautiful is now gone.

Dream Dead Whale
Dream Dictionary Dead Whale, The Dream Meaning of a Dead Whale

Whales are usually viewed as graceful and majestic creatures. They were not put on this earth for no reason and because of their elegant cries, their size, and their artful strokes in the water which seem to be choreographed. It is no wonder that they appear so readily in dreams.

Dreaming of a dead whale means that something that you thought was beautiful is now gone. Whales are known for representing majesty and untold positive things or things of a positive nature. This is why it is so hard to make sense of them as creatures. Whales are confusing and enigmatic beings which hold untold significance to a plethora of cultures, America included. When you see a whale dying it means that that sense of mystery surrounding something else in your life, that same sense of beauty, has been entirely extinguished. There is nothing more you can do to get it back, all you can do is waiting, wish, and hope for some semblance of that significance to return to you. It is the only way for you to get back to where you once were. To dream of a dead whale means that you have experienced a profound loss, but you will not know the gravity of this loss until much later. You can’t win them all so don’t let this dream get you down too much.

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E 2019-01-27 18:10:43
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I dreamed that there were 3 dead mini whales in my daughter's aquarium. I tried to scoop them out with the net, but they were never in the net when I pulled it out of the water. Every time. Just a mimi, blue swordfish came up, but he was still alive and so went back.
Can't figure out any of this. Have read multiple interpretations and have decided to believe that this simultaneously represents a move backward in my life and the death of one thing and the beginning of another,
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lovelybuggy 2017-09-20 08:44:32
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Well i had a dream about a dead whale but then it came back to life so what does that mean??
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Madie 2017-04-06 21:31:16
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I had a dream we were at SeaWorld. It was a dream, of course, so it looked distorted, and there were two dead/dying whales tied together floating in a tank.
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samii 2016-03-04 20:39:46
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I had a dream that there was a pregnant whale and she somehow went across pavement to get into the pool. As we all rounded the building the pool turned into the ocean, there were tons of dead fish and then millions of dead whales. The pregnant whale was splashing around and died.it seemed like i was being carried and we were still walking but the water was at my shoulders. I tried to scream at the person who was carrying my to stop but they didnt. A dead whale touched my shoulder... Not to sure what this means...
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Koda 2015-12-21 12:32:44
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Wow ! My marriage just ended and then I had this dream. It's really over - there's no going back after having a dream about a what that swam into a lake at the front of my house and then it died.
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Nicki 2014-08-11 05:54:35
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I have reacurring dreams of whales being trapped or hunted and brutally killed.Thanks to this dream dictionary i believe more then ever it is symbolic of how i feel about humanity destroying the natural world. It may be for others as well.
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charlene 2013-12-14 02:48:25
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My daughter dreamed that whales were dying and there was a terrible deadly virus in the ocean an everybody had to get out and get decontaminated quick or they would die. Madness and chaos at the beach followed. A couple days later I dreamed my daughter and I were in a row boat in the ocean and there were many whales all around us and some were sick and dying. As she leaned over to look at them she fell in and I had to swim very deep to bring her unconscious body up and save her from drowning. But she was ok at the end. Weird dreams for both of us to have. Especially cause my daughter can swim just fine.
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Claire 2013-11-06 04:52:09
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Made me see the meaning in my life.
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