Dream Dictionary Dealing Drags

Dream Dictionary Dealing Drags

Dealing drugs is the worst thing that you can do because it is through you that others are able to obtain the things that would hurt themselves.

Dream Dealing Drags
Dream Dictionary Dealing Drags, A Dream About Dealing Drags and What it Says About You

Of course it is also necessary to mention that by the moralities of many others, dealing drugs is fine, because you aren’t forcing anyone to take them, they are taking them of their own free will and if they suffer consequences, these can only be blamed on them for making the decision. It is a delicate topic that is hard to traverse critically without offending someone at least, and even in dreams, dealing drags should be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Dealing drags is a serious thing that you need to pay attention to even when it happens in your dreams. If you have had rough experiences with drugs in the past and you dream that you are dealing drags then this means that you feel like you are hurting the people around you, that you are forcing terrible things on the other people in your life. You are causing other people harm because of the bad decisions that you maker and this is causing you a lot of problems.

If you have a dream in which you are dealing drags, but you have had fine experiences with drugs in the past, even good ones, then this means that you feel like the life of the party. It is only through your intervention that your friends are able to have a good time anymore. But thankfully it is all good and all up to you to pay attention to the balance that you are creating and in what direction it is shifting.

A dream in which someone you know and love is dealing drags may mean that you feel like they are in danger. They are participating in behavior that seems to be of no small benefit to them now, but soon it will catch up with them. As much as they may not want to hear it, if you really care about this person you need to be able to gather up the courage to tell them that what they are doing is wrong and they should stop. It is an issue of you having the courage not their issue. Well, it is their issue, but if they don’t see the big picture, you can’t expect them to do anything about it, which is why responsibility falls to you.

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