Dream Dictionary Dean

Dream Dictionary Dean

Despite as much power as deans are given in all the school charters and by-laws, as it turns out they are not actually all that powerful in the grand scheme of things.

Dream Dean
Dream Dictionary Dean, Dreaming of a Dean and What it Means

A dean is a person at a college that wields a lot of power in determining the many ways that the student body operates. Deans are able to control the kind of curriculum that students take and they are able to approve classes, but in the end it is not even them that come up with the ideas for classes but usually the professors themselves. In any case without getting too far off topic, the dream meaning of a dean is quite important.

If you have a dream about a dean this could just be because you are thinking very much about school and education lately and it seems to be all you can think about. This is a huge topic on your mind and one that you just can’t seem to shake. Perhaps it is because you are worried about your own academic future. You want to exercise more personal agency over your education and where you allow it to take you. There is a lot of work you have left ahead of you but it is nothing that you can’t overcome with a bit of work.

Another possible reason you might be dreaming of a dean is because you feel like the power that you have in life is not enough or is inadequate. Whatever control that you do have over yourself or those you are meant to influence is totally illusory and not helpful as you hoped it would be. Unfortunately you will have to live with this fact because generally you have this kind of dream at a point in your life when you don’t need all that power anyway.

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