Dream Dictionary Dear

Dream Dictionary Dear

The word dear is a word that is often confused with the word deer which leads to even more confusion in the future when you are trying to figure out what this is.

Dream Dear
Dream Dictionary Dear, Dreaming About something Dear to You and What it Means

Dear is just an adjective that essentially means an item or a person or something that a person holds in high regard or esteem. The fact that it is hard to see a physical representation of the term makes it difficult to imagine, and thus it is even more surprising when a person has a dream about it.

An object which is dear to you can take the form of just about anything that you are interested in and these interests change from person to person. However, something that you really want or something that you really like is not the same thing as having something that is dear to you. Your XBOX is not dear to you and neither is your cell phone. You have to have a personal connection to the object at hand and you need to be able to find a deeper connection to it than a simply superficial one which would only make things more complicated. An object that is dear to you is something that you could not live without, something that you see a part of yourself in and something which you have a strong connection to. To dream of something dear to you suggests that you should spend times with things and people that you are extremely close to. Right now it is time to get sentimental. It’s okay. This is the way it is supposed to be.

To dream that something dear to you is given back to you means that you feel as if you have been rewarded immensely. Giving someone a medal for achieving a high honor is always a good self esteem booster but nothing is as good as getting back something that is dear to you or having something that you really care about delivered directly to you. Perhaps you haven’t achieved something in the traditional sense like solving world hunger or winning the science contest, but you have made some stride forward, done good deeds, etc. Now is your time to be rewarded for your efforts, to be given something that you deserve and awarded with something that you would care a great deal about.

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