Dream Dictionary Death of son

Dream Dictionary Death of son

A dream of the death of son will usually result in shock and despair nine times out of ten but the truth is, the dream need not be thought of so terribly since the meanings carry such variety.

Dream Death of son
Dream Dictionary Death of son, The Definition of a Dream About Death of son

Death is something that is extremely tough to deal with but one of the worst things to think about is the death of a son or daughter. You generally expect to deal with the death of your mother or father at some point in your life but most people do not expect to outlive their own children.

A son can be a very positive influence on a person’s life and someone that is quite important to pay attention to. If you have a son you need to make sure that he is well fed and well taken care of and he will reward you by being an excellent reflection of you and for representing your family so well. It is the son that is destined to grow up and grow out of your family making sure that they are well taken care of and that you are all provided for very well. If you have a dream in which you see the death of a son though it means that you feel like your legacy will not be carried on and your family will not be able to go out and have a legacy anymore. This dream will be particularly potent for you if you are a man with a son. Do not worry about this though, you will persevere. Your legacy will still exist and you do not have to worry that bad about making your mark in the world. You will get a lot of stuff done and you will be able to function in the world once more. You will succeed, do not worry about it. If you push these misgivings to the back of your mind you can still see yourself succeeding and coming out on top.

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