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There are a thousand and one different games you can play with a Deck of Cards which can all be adjusted to accommodate the number of players in the game. There are games meant for 1, 2, 3,and 4 players. Of course there can even be participation beyond that but these usually have to be heavily modified and the amount of games that can use this many people are few. These rules all mat sound quite complicated, but imagine how complicated they may seem in a dream world.

A deck of cards is an interesting symbol because it can mean many different things. For one it can symbolize luck, it can also be a symbol of randomness since a good draw of cards depends directly on random chance or luck. Also a collection of cards or deck cards can represent tenseness. If you have a dream about deck cards it can mean that you are at a pivotal point in your life where every little move you make is going to have an important consequence on your life and that you need to do just about everything you can to make sure that you take things nice and slow. You need to pay close attention to everything you do and every little decision you make is very important to your ultimate success. If you have a dream about deck cards it can also mean that you feel like a lot of what has been going on in your life has been decided by random chance. You feel like you keep doing all you can to make sure that your life doesn’t feel so random, but things just don’t seem to be working out all that well for you. If you have a dream about deck cards it can also mean that you feel like you have been pretty lucky recently, or it can mean that you feel like life has been a gamble. A lot of changes have been made and you have to worry about a lot of different random things that are happening to you.

Deck cards are, bottom line, a way of gambling and of messing with the odds of something. You are playing with fate. To dream that you are dealing out cards means that you feel as if you are in control of the fate of someone else or that you have power over someone else in some similar way. You think that you exhibit some form of control over them for some reason. Perhaps you are the boss of something or you really do control them in some way. These can all be accounted for and their reasoning can be worked out. However for the most part you do not want to feel like you control everyone or like you are the master of some kind of situation because it is always too much for you to handle. If you are accustomed to this kind of dream then you are a true narcissist and if you are not accustomed to this then it shows that you are not ready for this kind of responsibility in the world today. You simply need to put your foot down and admit that you are not ready to handle the fate of anyone else. It is enough work controlling your own.
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