Dream Dictionary Deer attack

Dream Dictionary Deer attack

To dream of a deer attack it means that you need to reflect on your love life soon.

Dream Deer attack
Dream Dictionary Deer attack, What it Means to Dream of Deer attack, Deer fawn

Soon something will come between you and your current or soon to be lover and the only way you can beat it is to fight through it. If you think that your love is really worth it or your love life is really worth saving then it means that you need to fight for it. You need to fight for him or her to make sure that you get to keep them. Whether the intervening element in your life is another person trying to steal your livelihood or steal your partner away from you, or whether it is something having to do with distance like a promotion requiring movement, etc. There are a million things that can come between you and your lover but the only way to make sure that your love doesn’t die because of them is to fight for them and fight for your love. If you’re truly invested, then the deer attack dream serves as a prompt telling you to continue going for it. You will win out as long as you try your hardest.

Deer fawns are known for being very elusive and avoiding being seen by people. Sometimes they are never seen by a single human until they reach adulthood, but they also represent emotion. Together these interpretations combine to perform elusive emotion. Therefore if you have a dream in which you see a deer fawn it means that you need to be more forthright with your feelings about everything. There are clearly many things that you feel strongly about or else you wouldn’t be thinking about it. However a dream of a deer fawn means you’re too secretive and need to open up more if you want to be noticed.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Deer attack

Cloudy 2018-05-23 08:19:17
I have an idea what mine is about but Id like to hear what other people think. I was standing inside a glass cottage in a forest by myself. I watched a terrified doe running from my left to the front and then around the right and under the house where I was standing and couldnt see it anymore. Then I heard demonic growls back at my left where a mother deer was chasing after it following the fauns steps, but instead of continuing to chase the faun, it came up the deck stairs to my door which I quickly locked. I then ran deep into my house looking for doors to shut behind me, but they were all half incomplete double doors with wide open spaces. I thought I found one that was safe, but when I shut this closet door behind me and turned around it was suddenly just like the others, half open and with the deer now standing there upright like a kangaroo. We fought each other and it weekended me greatly to do so, but neither of us won, and I woke up before the fight was over.

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Kristina 2017-11-23 05:25:41
Had a dream that my grandfather was driving me down the road when all of a sudden there were what seemed like hundreds of deer crossing the street all at once we barely missed a few from the first crossing crowd as we kept driving I notice the next pack was angry they had their teeth showing like wolves and growling as crossing the street we went to make a right turn on a bridge but he slid I t the gaurdrail he then backed up and proceeded across the bridge which is when I woke up... Can someone pls help me interpret this..

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Tracey 2017-01-18 05:55:08
I dreamt I was in a living room when out of the corner a stag charged me and really hurt the top of my leg what does it mean?

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Nova realin 2016-10-09 14:16:38
I had a dream about me feeling like someone was out to get me so I slept in my mother's room and all of a sudden a deer was attacking me and it really felt real.

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Russell 2016-07-30 06:59:58
Crazily my dream was that i was standing outside a house and the deer and I made eye contact before he decided to jump through the window to attack me. I challenged it as I do everything that appears in my dreams but it clearly was much stronger than I but simultaneously very gentle with his attack. My lover was explaining that I should not fight him but I should just lay there. Eventually I give in and he nibbles my toes before leaving.

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Rick 2016-01-24 18:35:45
I just had this dream. I was riding a bike on a board walk and was attacked by 2 young bucks. Felt weird as heck. But as I write this me and my partner are laying in bed with a big space in the middle from an argument earlier.

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Jasmin 2016-01-04 14:41:43
Me and my mom were sitting together she was talking about her past relationships and then all of a sudden a deer came out and started trying to trample I think it was a deer baby your fawn or whatever

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hannah 2015-06-23 23:26:35
i dreampt last night me and my partner were attacked by a doe and a stag.. weve been together nearly a year he works away but it can get hard when we cant even speak for a week or two at a time, other times its hard when he is home i understand he still needs to make time for friends which im not too keen on the majority of them but i do my best to keep involved and be nice to them as a few can play bunny boiler at times. this week hes working away and ive been feeling insecure about our relationship anyway recently so this is very helpful to me as i thought it was a really odd thing to dream about we wernt scared by the attack but it was disturbing all the same but we communicate really well and i know its just an emotional time

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Oto 2015-05-13 14:25:45
i had strange dream this night, i was in the forest and deer attacked me, he was black as night and covered by white diamonds, when he ran against me i caught his antlers and then he turned to thousand pieces, he just disappeared like a dust. My feelings were not about fear, i just felt strange. Can someone tell me something about it please? (sorry for bad english, normal i speak slovak :)...have a nice day)

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