Dream Dictionary Defend, Defense

Dream Dictionary Defend, Defense

Putting up a strong defense is something that you are going to want to do all the time.

Dream Defend, Defense
Dream Dictionary Defend, Defense, What it Means When You are Dreaming About Defend, Defense

Because Defense is something that you do all the time, this means that there are many reasons why you might dream of defense or a situation in which you might defend yourself.

A lot of the times a person can be subtly attacked in their lives and possibly not even notice it. These types of attacks are attacks on the integrity and the humanity of the person that is being spoken to. If you have a dream in which you see a person trying to defend themselves or in which you see yourself trying to defend yourself it means that lately you have been feeling attacked in real life. There are some issues with the way that you feel about your own integrity. You could feel as if you had been personally attacked like someone has insulted you directly or they have treated you badly when you didn’t deserve it. If this is the case then it means that you need to calm down a bit and relax. Put up your defenses but don’t feel so attacked or else you will always feel a bit inferior. If you have a dream in which someone else is trying to defend themselves from you it means that you have not been so nice recently and you feel pretty guilty for what you’ve done lately.

If you have a dream about defense or where you are trying to put up a defense it might be because you feel like you are a bit vulnerable. This is usually the reason that people feel inclined to defend themselves because not only do you feel attacked but you also feel like you do not have the ability to defend yourself like you might like to. Something has happened or someone has told you something which made you feel weak or called your strength into question and you felt inadequate.

To dream that others are trying to defend themselves from you, aside from what has already been mentioned above, this can also mean that you have been more aggressive than usual lately which can be a good or bad thing, or even just a neutral one depending on how purposefully that aggression was employed and the intention behind it. If you are going into this trying to hurt someone’s feelings and make them feel terrible then obviously you do not have the best intent in mind and this can lead to complications which may happen for you later on in life. Sometimes being aggressive is a good thing and can get you recognition from your superiors. This is also a good way of being assertive. Go aggressively towards your goals to make sure that you achieve them, don’t let them simply fly past you and don’t forget how hard you worked for them or this is one sure way to put yourself on a path towards loss. This is where being aggressive can be a negative thing. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure to go for the goal and fight for what you believe in. Otherwise you will continue to plummet earthward.

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Anonymous 2019-01-15 14:17:46
I had a dream that my mom and I had just pulled up in front of our apartment complex and there was a lady standiing in front of the car, and when I got out, I was for some reason automatically ready to fight. Then she pulled out some kind of a rod or something and my mom's boyfriend showed up and she told him to do something about it, but I guess the lady had a partner because he moved to do something and never got around to it. I don't know how, but that eventually turned into a huge fight and there was a group of 10 (🤔 people just beating each other and my mom had already ran, but for some reason I had stayed, possibly in shock until this lady got hit by a bat or something in the back of her head. Then, I appeared again, this time in the hospital as someone else, and this lady was back in good condition, but she was in control of me. She was upset that i couldn't keep her out of prison, and I'm assuming she had some rules set up for me because I put on a blindfold, and she walked me to a vending machine and moved out of the way so I would run into it. It was like she wanted me to beat myself up. After that, I woke up so I couldn't get to the rest, but I don't know what any of this means. It would be really helpful if someone could please interpret this dream for me. Thank you
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sweetheart 2014-08-09 20:02:41
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I dreamt that my boyfriend pulled up driving a brand new classy crimson red car. I opened the front door of the car and I sat in the front seat of the car. I leaned over to hug my boyfriend, but then he gave me a mint candy. In the dream I felt a bit offended at first because I thought he was trying to insult me, but then I realized that he was being sincere when he handed me the mint candy, then suddenly I didn't feel upset with him again in the dream, then I took the mint candy and I placed it in my pocket with the intention to eat it later. He then huged me and smiled, then he told me to come outside my yard at 12pm and look up at the sky. I woke up puzzled about the looking up at the sky part because it way a beautiful bright day. Can someone interpret this dream for me please? Thanks 🙂
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