Dream Dictionary Deformed

Dream Dictionary Deformed

Deforming is something which should not be thought of as too traumatizing, especially if the thing that is deformed is actually a person.

Dream Deformed
Dream Dictionary Deformed, Dreaming About Something that is Deformed and What it Means

When referring to a casual item that can be found in the household which may have been deformed due to heat exposure or something of the like it is perfectly okay to say, but when using this word to refer to another human being it becomes extremely derogatory and it can really offend people. How strange these many different meanings for the word deformed are. This becomes even more complex when this appears as a dream symbol.

Having a dream in which you are deformed means that you are worried about the way you appear to others or the way that others see you. This sense of self consciousness is usually brought on by a harsh comment you may have received recently. Someone has told you something brutally honest and it hurt your feelings pretty bad. Just try to suck it up and realize that beauty is subjective, you can still be pretty attractive and you don’t even have to know it. This is what is so cool about subjectivity. Even if a great many people find you ugly, you will always be attractive to someone.

Dreaming that someone else is deformed means that you are thinking of your own physical attributes as compared to theirs. You are essentially putting your own qualities above theirs and it is quite derogatory. Nothing good can come of thinking that you’re better than someone else and it is time for you to stop now before you hurt someone’s feelings. Thinking of yourself as better than anyone else is always an unhealthy attitude to have.

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