Dream Dictionary Dehydration, Dehumidifier

Dream Dictionary Dehydration, Dehumidifier

When you go to sleep, you see all of these things come together and they all make a bit more sense.

Dream Dehydration, Dehumidifier
Dream Dictionary Dehydration, Dehumidifier, The Meaning of a Dream About Dehydration, Dehumidifier

If you want to know what it means to dream of dehydration, or a dehumidifier are closely related words in real life so it makes sense to see the two in a dream together.

A dream about dehydration can mean a few different things. Dehydration is the process of taking the water out of something or having the moisture slowly sucked from something by the sun or some other heat source of equal power. It is also the problem where a person feels like there is not enough moisture in their body. This can be cured by taking a few large doses of water through the mouth, or intravenously. If you have a dream in which you are suffering from dehydration it means that you need to worry about how well you can handle the different pressures pushing down on you from different areas in your life. There is a lot that you need to worry about because you have a lot of pressure pushing down on you from on high and there are not a lot of ways that you can respond adequately.

Also a dream about dehydration can mean that you need to worry about the lack of emotional expression that you have been going through recently. Dehydration means that you aren’t doing the best you can to make sure that you express yourself the way that you truly want. Water represents emotion and love and all of those feelings of potential expression. If you have a dream in which you feel like you are dehydrated it means that you need to be more open with yourself and open about your emotions.

If you have a dream in which you need to use a dehumidifier then it means the opposite of the above, it means that in the environments you have been inserting yourself in recently, you feel like you have been too emotionally expressive. Either that or you feel like the environments you have been in lately have been too charged with emotions that are not your own. These emotions, negative or positive, need to be concentrated in one person or in one area because whether it is joy or sorrow that is being expressed, it is bound to get draining eventually. Nobody wants this much attention.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Dehydration, Dehumidifier

Hess 2018-08-14 00:43:06
I had a dream of my little brother lying to me and he. I tried talking to him I was t able to , my mouth would open but no words came out . In the dream my mouth and lips looked as if it were dead and chapped

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Tater tot 2016-03-20 23:55:59
My dream was weird
At our school we have tea for a dollar and that only how much it cost
But I'm my dream you buy a dollar tea and it was 5 cents to refilling and I just keep refilling my cup and drinking water and tea and I just could not get enough
So I woke up
Chug my mountain dew and went got a big glass of tea and chug bottle of water and then drink some more tea

Thing is this ain't the weirdest dream I have had

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Brenda 2015-09-19 23:09:40
I woke up to the most horrifying dream, I've ever had. I was afraid to fall back asleep. In my dream, I was at my kitchen. There was also another guy with me in the kitchen. I'm not sure who he was but suddenly he began having a dehydration attack. He was gasping for air and water. I was so afraid and I quickly served him a cup of water. He was shaking and moving very abnormally and making these noises that were not normal. Then he sticked his tounge out, just like the illuminati, he began moving his tounge rapidly. It was terrifying. I didn't serve him a cup of water. I just stood there terrified than I woke up. It was a demon manifesting on my dream,he was playing a trick on me. He knew I'd help.. I have a friend who has panick attacks.

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Jonathan Martinez 2015-07-07 14:18:18
i had a dream about dehydration today and i was thinking was god showing me something and then i read this !

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