Dream Dictionary Deodorant

Dream Dictionary Deodorant

The deodorant replaces this scent with a much more pleasing one that can be used to attract others and make them think more of you rather than less, which is an important aspect of it in understanding what a dream of deodorant may mean.

Dream Deodorant
Dream Dictionary Deodorant, What it Means to Dream of Deodorant

A dream in which you are using deodorant means that you have become more appealing. This does not necessarily mean that you have become more appealing in the sexual department though. You are a very beautiful person and the essence of attractiveness to many people, but the great thing about this is all you need to do is be yourself. You will make more friends, you will attract more women. During this period of your life you have taken on what might be known as a magnetic personality. People just can’t get enough of you and it’s fairly great just how amazing it can be. If you have a dream in which other people are using deodorant too it means that you feel like you have finally become one of the gang and you feel like you have been a lot more accepted then you were before.

The stinky smell that comes from your underarms is actually also representative of something more than just odor though if you know a thing or two about dream interpretation. If you have a dream in which you use deodorant then this means that you are thinking about all of the unpleasant things about you that draw others away and the fact that you want to stop these things. If you have a dream in which you use deodorant then you are trying to temporarily get rid of these acts which usually draw people away.

Of course, this is not the best way to actually get rid of this scent. Deodorant is just a quick salve. You have a lot of unpleasant characteristics that might push others away just as everyone does, but the difference here is that you are trying to push them out of sight only temporarily by using deodorant. When you go out you probably adjust your personal characteristics so that they are not so inclined to bother others. This does not push them away though; it just makes it so that they think you are a different person.

This is not the best way to go about things. You need to show who you really are, and if you are a boorish person that puts people off then you need to change yourself as a person, not pretend to be someone else. There is a big difference and if you want to see true change then you will have to actually change yourself. Otherwise with the deodorant you are being very deceptive and not doing everything that you need to do to become a better human being. This requires that you spend a lot more time paying attention to the needs of others and to your own behavior. This requires that you become much more self reflective and a lot more involved in the community around you as well. Be more observant and be more self conscious, otherwise you will end up offending many. This is what a dream about deodorant is supposed to be telling you.

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