Dream Dictionary Depression

Dream Dictionary Depression

When you have depression, all joy is taken away; there is no knowledge of future goodness because they never feel good at all, and this feeling still carries over even into fantastic getaways like dreams.

Dream Depression
Dream Dictionary Depression, What it Means to Dream of Depression

Dreaming of depression means that you feel like you are being held back in life by something. Sometimes life can be pretty depressing and it is sad, but sometimes there is a lot of issue when it comes to just day to day interactions in a variety of fields for you. It means that you have a lot left to compete with and you don’t necessarily have the tools to do that right about now. However you are essentially through worrying right now as long as you are busy looking up the dream meaning. All you need to know is not to worry too much, your mind has things under control even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

Depression can hold you back in some way but it hold you back in the way of forcing you to not care about progress and this is what makes it the most dangerous thing and something which you have to watch out for when you dream about it. If you have a dream in which you see depression or in which you have to deal with depression then this means that you have to deal with this terrible force in real life too. Depression can hold you back because it forces you to think is such a way that you do not recognize the happiness that you will one day have. All you can do is focus on how sad you are right now rather than focusing on how great your future could be one day. This kind of dream will cause you to feel quite lonely and very put upon by the fact that depression kills your soul.

Depression makes it so that you do not care about the future. Rather than imagining all of the happiness that you could one day have, every day seem like pain to you and this is all you can think about. This type of attitude leads to gradual depression and a growing sense of despair which will one day prevent you from ever finding happiness again without extreme therapy and a true willingness to be happy, which can be hard to find or obtain when you are clinically depressed. This is just what you have to work with when you feel this way.

A dream about depression is meant to hold you back even more because chances are it is a symptom of depression. Don’t fall victim to it and let it win. Be determined to have a good time and to accomplish your goals. This is what will lead you to future success in life.

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