Dream Dictionary Descend

Dream Dictionary Descend

There are a thousand different reasons why you might be dreaming of a descent, of descending a stairwell, of going down anywhere, falling down some steps, descending in an elevator, to descend anything, the description of different types of descent can go on forever but the point is that you can go just about anywhere and you go through the act off descent all the time, but if you have a dream involving descent it can have a deeper symbolic meaning.

Dream Descend
Dream Dictionary Descend, The Dream Definition of Descend, Descending

There are a few different interpretations, many of them opposites, which the dream of descending can take. If you have a dream in which you descend somewhere it can mean that you are ready to explore new horizons. You are a world traveler with a taste for going out and experiencing new things. If you have nowhere left to go to the left, to the right, to the north, to the south, etc, you will drill straight down and work on entrepreneuring from there. The center of the earth, the ground beneath our feet, this is what needs to be studied more and what needs to have attention paid to it. To spend time descending there to study all of these things, it shows drive and an open minded attitude. There are a lot of different options you have when it comes to this.

However to descend can also mean that you are going lower than you should. You worked your way to the top but due to what was probably a failure on your part you are no longer able to continue and the only way to go is down. These dreams usually relate best to careers. You are descending slowly into a mediocre career because you did not do the best that you could have to try and keep yourself up. The thing is, you don’t always have to move from one spot to the other, just cause there was nowhere to go but down doesn’t mean that down is where you should go, it means that you need to seriously take a look at what you are doing and make sure that you stay on top as long as you can. Descending is not a good enough option for you, you deserve better than that. Even to stagnate is better than going down because at least this means that even though you are not accomplishing anything, at least you are not regressing. Don’t let yourself fall back into this regressive lifestyle, you need to live for the future and live for yourself. Make sure to make a difference and don’t fall back from all of the hard work that you’ve done to get where you are, no matter where that may be.

This descent also need not apply just to falling down the career ladder though, it could also be a descent down the social ladder since you are not doing what you should be doing here. You are not making friends like you should or socializing like you should and it is showing in your relationships. Nobody likes you anymore like they should and it is making it difficult for you to realize that. This is why the dream is here to warn you of your descent. Don’t let it go on any farther, nip it in the bud before your social life has been entirely eaten up.

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