Dream Dictionary Desire

Dream Dictionary Desire

Desire is an emotion or a feeling that can motivate someone to do one thing or another, and it is something which can also totally corrupt someone and force them to do things they never would have even dreamed of, all in the name of reaching this thing that they so desire.

Dream Desire
Dream Dictionary Desire, Amorous Love: What it Means to Dream of Desire

To have a dream in which you see something or receive something you desire therefore can have a strong and very intense meaning.

If you have a dream about desire it means that you need to pursue that object of your desire. If the object of your desire in the dream is a sexual encounter it probably means that you need to start thinking about pursuing a sexual encounter in real life. If you desire a trip to Paris then you better start saving up money. Your mind is reminding you to put some things a bit higher on your priority list than others.

Desire is usually thought of as an uncontrollable urge and this is why the thought of sex and lust is consistently brought up when thinking in terms of desires. However there are all kinds of times in which desire may just refer to a graduated form of really really wanting something which of course is much less dangerous than the almost animal attraction to something, or more likely, someone, feels when they have a lustful desire. To dream about owning something that you desire in the way of a device or an electronic or something like that just signifies the fact that you feel like you deserve this grand new thing in your life and you think you’ve done enough to be rewarded with it.

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