Dream Dictionary Desolate

Dream Dictionary Desolate

Desolate is a word that sounds just like what it means.

Dream Desolate
Dream Dictionary Desolate, The Meaning Behind the Desolate Dream

To have a dream in which you are in a desolate place or to dream that you have isolated yourself from everyone in a desolate area can have severe consequences and connotations to your real life. To dream that the world is a desolate place is also a common but not untroubling occurrence.

The word desolate is difficult to describe in terms of a definition because it carries with it so very many different connotations, each of which can be interpreted to a greater or lesser degree than any other one. The basic premise of the term desolate is that you are in some kind of bleak or depressing situation that is devoid of hope. This does not mean that things cannot get better but the challenge is when you feel like you are in a desolate area, you personally have trouble seeing any hope in the future. This attitude causes you to be inactive and to not fight for your future which can be detrimental to your overall success in life and in the future. How can you get out of this funk if you don’t believe you can or don’t think it is possible? Obviously if you haven’t gathered this already, a dream of being in a desolate place is an indication that you are feeling like you are in a desolate place in real life. It can be tough to get out of this funk but it is possible as long as you allow yourself at least a sliver of optimism which can continue to grow for you.

Of course there are ways that a dream like this might be even easier to overcome. This becomes easier to conquer when it is just one aspect of the word desolate that you are dreaming about. Sometimes the word desolate is taken to mean cold or gray. To dream of this kind of desolate weather just means that this is how you have been feeling lately. All rain storms pass though, and generally do so pretty quickly, so if you have a dream in which you are dealing with desolate weather all it means is you are going through some temporary emotional strife which will be over soon.

Another meaning that the word desolate carries is this meaning relating to loneliness. You might be having a dream of a desolate place because you feel like you are a bit lonely. Perhaps your friends are gone or on vacation or maybe you have just changed schools, moved, or switched jobs and now don’t get to see your friends as often as you’d like. Perhaps you’ve just drifted apart. Whatever the case though, the key is always the same, you need to be the one to take initiative. Too many friendships die because neither friend nor friends are willing to be the first to apologize for the first to initiate contact once more. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and go for it. In the end it comes down to the question, what is more important, that you retain your honor, or that you have good and supportive friends to be around you? Often times the second one is the more preferable situation. Hopefully you make the right choice so you can begin to stop worrying about desolation.

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