Dream Dictionary Destruction

Dream Dictionary Destruction

There are a lot of loose associations that make little sense in real life but come together nicely in the dream world.

Dream Destruction
Dream Dictionary Destruction, The Dream Definition Behind the Symbols of: Destruction, Destroying

There is a common belief that for someone to dream of destruction is blasphemy, but this can be psychologically damaging. The truth is, dreams are more complex than that, and a dream about this subject is no different.

Sometimes a person will have a dream involving destruction in some way. Usually the first reaction a person has to a dream like this is shock or fright. They never want to believe that they are the ones that have problems or that they might have the issue that needs to be resolved. But the truth is, you may indeed not be crazy at all if you dream about destruction. Sometimes people have negative feelings, it’s just a fact of life, and if you have a dream where you cause destruction or where you witness a lot of destruction, this is one of the few healthy outlets where you can express that attitude which might cause danger elsewhere. These dreams about destruction are usually brought on by some strong feelings about one subject or another as caused by someone else in your life. If you have a dream about someone in your life causing destruction or you yourself causing destruction then it means that you are just feeling some strong feelings. Take advantage of a dream like this and really let loose, then who knows, maybe the feelings will be gone by tomorrow and they will have been dealt with effectively.

Dreaming of destroying something where you are the one destroying something, as mentioned above, is totally fine. Whenever you are feeling strongly one way or the other about an issue, it can help alleviate a lot of negative feelings when you wake up. A dream is a totally synthetic environment so anything you harm there can be recreated and fixed with a slight turn of your mind. However if you carry any of this into real life it will cause some stability. Leave your negative emotions to the dream and do not take them out of it. Destroying things in real life is not a good idea nor is it smart or responsible.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Destruction

Joseeee 2019-02-26 17:46:56
I had a dream that i was god and that i got tired of this world and all the pain and suffering it brought onto other people and the world so in my dream i preceded to destroy almost every trace of selfishness and hatred and leaving only those pure of heart indiscriminately, i then procede to destroy the very foundation of governments and starting new with all the pure hearted people and destroying anyone that would threaten peace and prosperity

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Pavithra 2018-09-22 09:35:46
I had a dream where everyone in that village closes door n Windows, when I was about to close the door two persons came infront but I pushed door n locked,which made those ppl angry and they came behind house where there are lots of trees,they are like spreading something from sky so the whole world is destroyed.. I don't know what kind of meaning it has, I saw trees all from roots have gone,dark left n bright light was seen

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MrSilver 2017-01-28 17:06:01
I had once a dream, not too long ago, where I set up some dinamites in what I think it was an enemy base, then I went there to make take back one my supposed teammate, I then pressed the button and lots of explosions made that base blow away, hearing what I think was those enemies boss cursing me, as I was slowly walking away from there. Up until now I thought that it could be normal, I thought that anyone can have a dream like this, but the thing that makes feel uneasy, is that I remember laughing so loud in the dream enjoying those destructions and those people who were dying in the explosions, and I'm not certain about this but, I feel like I woke up while I was still laughing maniacally. Is this something I should I should be worried about?

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Nuna 2016-10-04 03:23:49
I had a dream that a store caught in fire and I saved a bunch of people and I was happy that I was strong enough to save them. It was weird

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ALESEA 2016-08-12 10:05:01
And you are so right....i have stress issues the last month.
how can you be so right...
thank you.

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Jehuty 2015-08-26 14:03:02
I had a dream recently where it was heavily raining in an eternal night and I had the power of creation. With this, if I thought of something then that thought becomes real. After thinking up company because I was a lonely individual on a lone island with ruins, one of the creatures from my group told me not to think too hard on a creation. Heeded not did I take the warning, a creature I had thought of was destroyed instantly and I was in shambles. Shortly after waking up, I became scared of the dream and even 2 hours 4 hours of having it, I am still scared.

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Alex moss 2016-03-23 00:14:22
Oh god I just had such a similar dream! It lasted hours and I was destroying everything.. I was told if I destroy everything and everyone is be saved from this place.. I wasn't scared in the dream but woke up and got terrified!

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peacemaker123 2015-08-09 04:32:29
I dreamt I turned into the god of destruction at the end of my dream

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Lightning 112 2014-11-29 16:03:52
I had a dream yesterday night I was causing destruction. I after it I felt really in shock  :ups: but this really helped. Thanks   !;)

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