Dream Dictionary Detective

Dream Dictionary Detective

A detective is known to stand for many different things.

Dream Detective
Dream Dictionary Detective, What it Means When You Dream of a Detective

On the one hand, he is seen as a stoic and intelligent man that will stand by while the world changes around him. Think of Dick Tracy for this. The detective is also known for being a man that isn’t afraid to go into the underworld to search for clues on the case he is working on.

To dream of a detective means that there is something in your life which you feel that you need to uncover. There is some sort of mystery that you have been trying to work out or work through and you haven’t come to terms with it just yet but you are getting closer. The detective dream means you are on the right track. Of course this search does not have to be a physical one. You do not have to be searching for something in real life and literally turning over stones to find out the answer to life’s mysteries. While that totally could be what you are doing, it is also perfectly valid if this search is taking place completely within yourself. Perhaps you are searching for the answers to a question that only you yourself know and that you can only access through your own subconscious. Perhaps you do not have access to this information because you need to be more responsible and try to remember things better. This is one more possibility of having a dream about a detective.

Sometimes the detective dream is less personal than it would seem though. It does not always have to be about you and uncovering your own memories and thoughts about a situation. Sometimes a person will have a detective dream when they are worried about other people and want to make sure their own assets are protected. Perhaps your best friend has just recently started dating someone and you are worried about their dubious nature. You have an immense love and respect for your friend and you would hate to see them get hurt, so your inner detective is running amok inside you while you try to figure out just how honest they are and what about them you might need to file away for later viewing.

Of course if you are going to let your inner detective out, you need to be a good one. Just because something looks or sounds suspicious does not always mean that it is. You cannot incriminate someone for something that they didn’t do and sometimes you must simply be willing to admit that the evidence doesn’t match your unsatisfactory conclusion.

Maybe when your friend’s new partner tells you that he used to work in construction and that’s why his hands are so calloused, then this is exactly what did happen and not that he was once a neck-breaker for the Italian Mafia. And perhaps when your husband tells you that his boss wants him to start working late with his attractive female coworker to get some more revisions done on those reports earlier than usual, you will just have to trust he is telling the truth. Being a detective means finding out the truth, not finding out any information that will support your theory and then blowing it out of proportion.

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