Dream Dictionary Detention

Dream Dictionary Detention

If you have a dream in which you are sent to detention or where you have to deal with detention then it can also have a variety of meanings behind it.

Dream Detention
Dream Dictionary Detention, The Dream Definition of Detention

There are some that are fine, and others that are not so savory, but they are all of an important nature.

Detention, as a child, was seen as one of the greatest punishments. For misbehaving in school, you were forced to continue to stay in school and work on more school problems when you would have probably rather done just about anything else at the time. Now as an adult it is easy to look back on that time and smile because of how ridiculous it seemed as a punishment. It was a laughable punishment at best because it wasn’t really punishing anyone. But if this is the case then what is the significance to you.

You might be dreaming about detention because you are going through a similar process in life which reminds you of it. It is not all that uncommon for a boss to ask someone to spend a few extra hours at work preparing a little something extra for an assignment. This is not unlike detention at all and it will be sure to put you in as foul a mood as when you were a child being forced to stay after school. Work is not something that many people like to do since not everyone gets the job of their dreams .If you have a dream in which you are sent to detention this could just be a sign that you are dissatisfied with your current working environment. You want to change the place that you work at as well as your position but it might be hard to just get up and do that. Sometimes in order for change to be made you need to work with the system first and at this point in time, this might just be the best thing for you to do right now.

Detention is a thing that you normally don’t remember or just have no connection to whatsoever unless you are a kid of a certain age. Generally when you are in elementary school you don’t really have a lot of detention to deal with because it is something reserved for the older grades. Even when you are in middle school, detention is usually used as a last resort punishment since it is totally inconvenient for a lot of students at middle school to stay at school since bus service isn’t as extensive, the students aren’t as mature or nice to you, and the teachers that keep them over usually end up getting chewed out by the parents of the children since they are usually having to take time out of their busy schedule to pick their kids up after school since they are too young to drive themselves. High school is where detention truly takes hold, but because high school is such a short section of your life, you end up not experiencing it a ton when you are in there unless you are one of the worst students. If you have a dream about detention it is usually because you are busy thinking of your high school years, or you have been busy thinking of this time recently. The other option is that you are a little embarrassed about a small mistake that you’ve made.

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