Dream Dictionary Diabetes

Dream Dictionary Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that essentially means your blood sugar will be erratically high or erratically low without the drugs necessary to help control those levels.

Dream Diabetes
Dream Dictionary Diabetes, Dreaming of Diabetes and what it Means For You

If you have diabetes then you probably go through frequent spells where you feel like fainting or where you feel weak or confused in the head because of the way your blood is reacting. You can get diabetes from birth, or you can get it when you age and your body is weaker. Or if you keep a completely unhealthy diet this can also be a cause for diabetes.

Dreaming of diabetes means that you really are worried about your health and it may even be connected to the size of the last couple of meals you’ve eaten. Perhaps you’ve packed on a few pounds and now you’re worried that you might be getting less healthy. This is a possibility but you shouldn’t let yourself get too worried about this kind of thing. There is not much you can do about it except to change your lifestyle but how many people are really worried about doing that. This dream could be serious or it could be benign, only you will be able to tell when it really comes down to it.

A diabetes dream can just mean that you need to cut down on the snacks and fatty foods in the waking world. You need to be more careful of what you eat because clearly your mind is worried about what you’re doing and how you’re doing and this is no good. Try your hardest to make sure that this does not happen in the future or else these dreams will continue in this way.

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Jennifer 2014-09-03 19:07:58
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I had a dream....That I was testing my blood sugar level with the test thingy that diabetics use. This was a year ago ( my daughter was 2 months old) A couple of months later found out my Vitamin D was an 18.2 LOW! And then a couple of months after that I had a nasty bacteria infection called c-diff. Now I have a bulging disc and shoulder pain since before that dream (finally got a MRI of lower lumber to show the bulging disc) I have been in pain for a year now. since that dream. I have x-ray and hopefully a MRI of my upper back will show what is going on with it.

Thought I share my dream and what happen after. So yes my body was trying to tell me something. At the time I thought i might be diabetic because I had tingling in feet and hands. But it still to this day is normal.

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