Dream Dictionary Diamond jewelry, Diamond dust

Dream Dictionary Diamond jewelry, Diamond dust

Diamond jewelry such as a diamond bracelet, diamond dust, a diamond necklace, etc all of it has been used for ages as a great symbol of status so you might think that a dream, about these is easy to interpret on your own, but what happens when you also dream about a diamond falling out of ring or a diamond lose? Well this obviously means something different than the typical metaphorical interpretation.

Dream Diamond jewelry, Diamond dust
Dream Dictionary Diamond jewelry, Diamond dust, What it Means when You Dream About the Symbols of: Diamond bracelet, Diamond falling out of ring, Diamond lose, Diamond dust, Diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry is supposedly the best jewelry because as we all know; diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This I of course pretty sexist and a generalization. There are many women out there that would prefer other types of jewelry to the standard diamonds, but then there are the kinds that are not as adventurous and then would just prefer to go with the standard diamond jewelry. This is the kind of jewelry you buy your wife or your girlfriend when you have no real idea what her taste is but you want to let her know that you love her enough o spend way too much money on a fashion that you’re not even sure if she likes.

To dream of a diamond bracelet means that you are thinking about what the future holds. A diamond bracelet or a bracelet of any kind represents some kind of contract or a kind of promise that the jewelry will one day serve to commemorate. If you have a dream that you are wearing a diamond bracelet it means that there is something that you need to remember or something that you need to think about right now. Try to think of what that may be when you are done reading this before it gets lost in your mind again.

If you have a dream about a diamond falling out of ring it means that you are reconsidering your future prospects that you might have had with your fiancée. You are thinking about all of the things that have the potential to go wrong instead of focusing on all of the things that could go right. This is something that is common in newly engaged couples and you should not worry too much about it right now. Even after you are married a dream like this is not strange in the first few months because you’d be wondering if you made a mistake the entire time. Dreaming about diamond lose just means that you are worried that you are not yet responsible enough to get into this kind of serious relationship and you are now reconsidering your choices, but you will probably land on the choice that allows you to be happy with the person you chose after all.

If you have a dream that involves diamond dust then this means that you feel super rich. Using diamond dust on anything is a sign of the super wealthy because only the super wealthy could afford something so important as diamond dust. Alternatively diamond dust could mean that you feel intensely poor, like you are missing out on something because you are too poor to afford a real large diamond, all you can make room for financially speaking is the dust of those diamonds which means that you are not doing so well when it comes to the funds. This is something that happens to everyone so you don’t need to be too broken up about it. There will always be a disparity between rich and poor.

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