Dream Dictionary Diarrhea

Dream Dictionary Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a difficult subject to talk about both because of how personal a problem it is to have and how negatively and awkwardly it is perceived by society.

Dream Diarrhea
Dream Dictionary Diarrhea, What it Means When You Dream About Diarrhea

You cannot talk about matters of diarrhea to just anyone or else they might think you are strange and reform their opinion of you because of how awkward you were in talking about these extremely personal things. This type of characterization is no accident when it comes to dream interpretation.

While it might be a potty word which is a little too taboo to talk about in the open, if you have a dream about diarrhea then this means that you are thinking about how disgusted you have been lately. Whenever something makes you truly sick, this kind of dream usually manifests itself as a dream about something that you might find even more disgusting normally. If you have a dream in which you see diarrhea then all you need to do is to start thinking very hard about what you are doing and what you have been doing so that you can help yourself pinpoint where you started to feel so bad about your dreams and what you saw in them and possibly in real life which made you feel so disgusted.

A dream about diarrhea can also mean that you feel like you are letting out too much about yourself and too many negative details at once. The term “Shit” is often used in place of emotional baggage in the crude adult world and this is still something that can be latched onto here as well. If you have a dream in which you have diarrhea it could mean you can’t keep your problems in, you keep telling them to others and it makes things worse.

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roger 2015-10-24 22:52:47
mine was black and like water people looked at it afterwards

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