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Through digging, digging hole, digging water, etc, a person can get to somewhere that has never been seen by anyone else before. This is why even when digging grave there is still some sense of wonder about it no matter how somber the occasion is supposed to be.

Digging is something that we all do in one way or another. Some people dig for bones, some dig in order to build, some people dig for treasure, and some people dig for excuses. The various usages of the word “dig” are pretty overwhelming. Yet, despite how much digging is done the world over, unless you work in construction, for any one person he amount that you actually dig daily will probably be pretty low. Usually when you have a dream about something it can be explained by the fact that we like to dream about things that we do often. So if you have a dream in which you are digging, you are probably having this dream because you do a lot of digging daily.

But since most people don’t actually do this, this explanation is unsatisfactory. If you want to know what it means to dream of digging, you need to know first what situation you were digging in, the focus of the dream, and a few things about your day to day life. In general dream interpretation will have a lot to do with things that you find insignificant in your daily life so it doesn’t hurt to be observant. If you have a dream about digging though then the dream means that in general, you need to try and see more depth in certain situations, There is a rich tapestry of human emotion and expression that you are missing out on, or outright ignoring by refusing to dig just a little beneath the surface whenever something like this happens.

If you have a dream in which you are digging grave then this means that you are taking things far too seriously. You need to lighten up and take a bit of a break. Quit being so serious and you should be able to focus a little bit better and take in everything. This kind of dream could also mean you are fixated on the idea of death, but you need to ignore that and instead focus on the fact that you can really endanger yourself by having these thoughts since they always lead to a self destructive lifestyle. Look up the term self-fulfilling prophecy to see what you might be getting yourself into here if you keep this up.

If you have a dream about digging hole then this means that you are trying to dig deeper into a situation. However it could also be a reference to the phrase “digging your hole deeper” which is mean to imply that the person involved is merely making things more difficult on themselves with their discussions.

If you have a dream in which you are digging water then this means you are doing a good job. You were looking for something when you were digging and you have finally hit it. You wanted to hit something and reach a goal and that’s just what you’ve done. You should congratulate yourself on all of your progress. You reached the end.
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osmuro 2015-05-10 19:53:49
My digging dream:
A tiny lobster and a tiny octopus were digging at the same hole in the dirt near the campfire at night. They were racing to dig something up. The lobster used its big claws to chuck the dirt away. The octopus pulled at the edges of the hole with its tentacles to widen the opening. The lobster reach a bright red claw down into the gaping hole to get a hold of what was down there.

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