Dream Dictionary Digits

Dream Dictionary Digits

There are two main meanings of the word digits.

Dream Digits
Dream Dictionary Digits, The Meaning of a Dream that is Centered on Digits

For one, digits can be numbers of some kind. If they appear as the Arabic numerals then this is a digit. The other definition of the word digit that seems to be used more often by scientific types is the definition that involves your fingers.

You call your fingers your digits. Each of them is its own digit and together they make up all the fingers on your hand. One final meaning of the term digits is one that is more colloquial than anything else, and this is the term digits used to describe the phone number of a person. If you have a dream that has to do with number digits then this means that

If you have a dream in which you are counting your digits on your hand or you are focused on them for some reason then this means that you are thinking carefully about your next move after something. Many times when a person starts to pay close attention to their fingers or starts fiddling you are thinking about the time limits that you have to deal with in life and how restrictive they are. You have to deal with a lot of crap in your life and you have to deal with a lot of deadlines. However, you are doing a good job so far of sticking to them. Just make sure that his dream is not a warning that you need to get something done really quickly, because it could very well be, and if so, then what would you do? with their digits it usually mean that this person is bored or that they are concentrating on something else in their minds while they are trying to think of what to do in the future. To dream that you get person’s digits means that you feel very successful and accomplished as a person. You have done a good job and should expect great rewards for all your hard work.

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