Dream Dictionary Dime

Dream Dictionary Dime

There are a few reasons why you might see a dime in your dreams even if you have no idea why and those reasons will be discussed here.

Dream Dime
Dream Dictionary Dime, The Dream Definition of a Dime

Aside from a slang term for an amount of illegal drugs, the word dime only really has one meaning. It is a unit of money that is found in America and other countries that accept American money and it is equal to ten cents, or ten pennies, or two nickels.

A dime is surprisingly a very useful form of currency. With Canada just recently getting rid of the penny and now rounding down to the nearest nickel on all purchases, it seems like government has it out for the coins and soon unluckily the coins will all be taken away someday. If you have a dream in which you see a dime then this means that you feel just a little bit richer than you did before.

It would be hard to tell that you just had a major change in fortune if all you had to show for it was a small dime, but a dime can actually be a pretty big deal to some people, believe it or not. If you had a dream in which you saw a dime, this means that you are going to come into a small amount of money soon. Nothing that’s going to buy you a new car or anything like that, but it will be enough to help you finance if that’s what you wish!

A dime dream can also mean that you feel that you’ve been short changed. You think that you have been given back less than you deserved for something that you did or some good deed that you committed. Don’t stand for it, fight for what you know is right.

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