Dream Dictionary Dingo

Dream Dictionary Dingo

A dingo is essentially a prairie dog. This is not to say that it has anything to do with the burrowing creature that is known as a prairie dog, this just means that it is a dog-like animal that likes to spend its time on the prairies.

Dream Dingo
Dream Dictionary Dingo, Hopping Across the Outback: The Dream Meaning of a Dingo

Perhaps had we not heard of the prairie dog before we had heard of the dingo or had we not come into contact with one before the other, we would now be calling the dingo a prairie dog instead. Unfortunately these creatures are generally found only in Australia, making it more difficult to have a strong connection with them or to really come into contact with them on a normal basis. This is what makes a dream about a dingo such a strange thing to have.

If you have a dream about a dingo then this means that you feel like you need to go exploring. A dingo is one of those animals that we constantly associate with Australia no matter where it is that we are seeing this dingo. Australia itself is the home of the outback and the outback is a place where everyone can feel like they are exploring something new, no matter how well traveled the trails that they lead you down are.

You feel like you are itching to go on an exploration and you want to know where life is leading you. You need to know where to go and what to do when you are in a situation like this. If you have a dream of a dingo it just means that you feel cooped up and need to get out and have some fun. The dingo is a wild animal and it is a master of its own environment and destiny. This is the kind of identity that you wish you could share with the world.

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Lauren 2019-01-05 11:24:27
My dream featured my little dog, a spoodle, and one of my parent's (also female) dog, being attacked by a pack of dingoes. In the dream, we were in a cart where they couldn't get to us, but they definitely ganged up and wanted to attack. Someone had explained their aggression was to do with the moon or time of the month.

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