Dream Dictionary Dinosaur

Dream Dictionary Dinosaur

The dinosaur is a powerful symbol because usually when someone thinks of a dinosaur they imagine a T-Rex who was the king of dinosaurs and was by far one of the most dangerous kinds of dinosaurs.

Dream Dinosaur
Dream Dictionary Dinosaur, What it Means When you Dream of the Symbols of a Dinosaur

Even if you dreamed of one of the most peaceful ones though, a brachiosaurus, these dreams still have a sense of power about them because of how large and majestic dinosaurs can be.

A dinosaur is a prehistoric organism that lived a very long time ago and was known for being able to rip the head off of just about anything. Of course this was only the carnivore dinosaur. There were many dinosaurs that had no interest whatsoever in eating flesh. Some of them much preferred to be chained up and just eating a large bag of spinach every now and again. But people in every day have no contact whatsoever with dinosaurs. In fact the closest you can get is if you are a museum curator but even then you are still going to be struggling with the fact that these are just bones and represent a living organism but cannot become one.

This is the truth about the dinosaur. What does it mean to dream of a dinosaur though if you can never have contact with one? Well a dream about a dinosaur has to do with danger. Despite the fact that dinosaurs were not all dangerous, popular perception of them paints them all as fearsome creatures ready to kill you. So if you have a dream in which you see a dinosaur it means that you are ruthless and intimidating. It means that others have cause to be afraid of you and you should not be unwelcome to this idea.

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Thornoaks 2013-10-19 20:03:34
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I had a dream that i was with a friend and some others. My friend wanted to get a job at this one place but i wasn't interested. Then, this girl appeared and told me to dive into the water and touch this leaf. So, i dived into the water and found the leaf. I wasn't scared and it felt like i was meant there. I reached out and was about to touch the leaf. Before i touched it, the leaf turned silver. I touched it and my mind went white for a second. The next moment, i was a mermaid. I went up to the surface and saw this guy in black. He looked creepy. When i saw him it felt like I've already had many encounters with him and that he was trying to get me for something. I saw a giant hole in the roof and little things looking down. He said something and one of them jumped down. I watched as it jumped and touched the still silver leaf. It turned into a t rex. It looked like a midget adult t rex. Then some other jumped in. I immediately swam to a wooden wall. I looked up desperately. I could see the T Rex's swimming towards me. I found a big crack i could squeeze into and went through it. My friend were there and they were playing something. We were able to walk on land somehow. After that we ended up behind a shed on a wall hiding. We were looking at the T Rex's search the place for me. I ran to another backyard and saw straw on the ground. That was the last i saw of that part of dream. There is more of this dream but it includes of a dog, wings, and cool ice cream snow. If you want the rest of the dream just ask.

(If anyone knows what this dream means, please tell me)
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