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A disabled person is a strong and important symbol in society. It might seem ironic to call a disabled person strong but at the same time it is ableist discourse to think that a disabled person cannot also be strong in many ways that a perfectly able person is not. In any case, a dream of a disabled person is usually not an ordinary one, making it quite a special dream experience.

If you have a dream about a disabled person and you are that disabled person then it means that you feel like you have failed to do something and this is making you self conscious. Because of this previous failure or because of the fear that you will fail you start to feel useless as if you cannot perform to the level that is expected of you. If you want to do well you are going to have to suck it up and go with the flow, it’s the only way to make sure that you do well.

Being disabled comes with a sense of frustration whether a person wants to admit it or not. Even the most able bodied people that are still technically considered disabled will at some point feel frustration about how difficult it is to cope with the world around them that was clearly built for people that were more able than they. If you have a dream about being a disabled person then this probably means that you are feeling like you should be frustrated about something that is going on in your life which is difficult to deal with. If this sounds like it is the case for you then this may be why you are having this dream.
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julia 2016-12-06 04:44:34
I had a large headed stiff necked disabled baby girl. I think the baby was a mirrored aspect of some strong part of my overall personality. iwas with the spastic baby in a swimming pool. I was trying to teach the babby how to float/swim. I was scared that I wasn't doing it right, and I might accidently cause her death by drowning. At one point she seemed to be slowly and calmly sinking towards the bottom. I'm trying to remember if, and what I mayve done next. When I didn't intervene, she miraculously seemed more than capable of floating without me holding onto her, and she also said she was really enjoying - she felt relaxed and free in th water. We was in the deep end, and I assumed we were in the shallow end, and me and the baby excited the pool via an aloominum framed glass anjel led door., similar to a supermarket door. Then I went to buy a ticket at a train station, I only turned away for a few minutes. But when I returned to the baby, I noticed this medium green fluorescent looking gritty paste on her face near the side of her nose. I was thinking why didn't the people at the special home she was living at, look after her properly. Why didn't they keep her cleaner, although annoyed and totally unnerved by it, nothing could stop me protecting her with my life. After initial repugnance, I began to really care about this child.

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Anne 2016-10-03 23:55:18
I had a dream last night, I gave birth three premature babies one was with dislocated nose and the other two were attached together and they were alive. I was too scared to carry them in my arms but i managed to keep one and gentled touch him.

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Joanna 2016-07-26 21:43:27
I had a dream I was in a wheelchair and everyone had to push me around in it.

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Hannah 2016-04-29 22:27:22
I had a weird dream where I got hurt from a glass door and had to sit in a wheelchair for a long time and had leg and arm problems to where it was very difficult to walk is that the same meaning of this article?

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