Dream Dictionary Disaster

Dream Dictionary Disaster

If someone tells you that they are going through a crisis, you are free to assume what you like about the state of their affairs, whether they are going though something that is truly worth worrying about or whether they are having some silly crisis in their minds.

Dream Disaster
Dream Dictionary Disaster, What it Means when you Witness a Disaster in Your Dreams

If you have a dream in which you go through a disaster then this is something which merits a little more universal interest, at least within the context of a dream because a disaster is something that affects everyone.

If you have a dream where you witness a disaster or where disaster falls upon you it probably means that you are just stressed out in real life. However you are not stressed about everything, but one particular thing in this case that is of major importance. This kind of dream comes about when one particular thing that you have been unhealthily fixated on all of the past few months/weeks/days, etc comes to critical overload and you just can’t handle all of the negative feelings you have and all of the doom that you believe will befall you one day. If you have a dream in which you see disaster then it means you are worried about the outcome of some project, but have no fear, it is your worries that will be your undoing. You need to take it with a healthier attitude and accept the fact that it won’t be perfect. Only until you calm your nerves will you stand a chance at knocking this thing out of the park.

To have a dream in which you are dealing with a minor disaster such as something that would only affect you, this means that you need to stop concerning yourself with your own problems so much. It is time for you to start thinking about other people’s problems. To see a personal disaster is to forget about all of the terrible things that go on in the world and to only think about yourself and your own problems. This is what it means to see something simple like this happening to you as a disaster and it is not a good thing. If you want to stop having dreams like this then they key is to simply accept that it is time for you to stop worrying and just move on from where you were before. Start to take things with an air of maturity and with humility and you will begin to see that the world does not revolve around you. This is a much healthier perspective than to be concerned with your own self importance the entire time.

If you have a dream in which you are witnessing a disaster this can mean that you are worried about how your actions may affect future events. You are thinking about the fact that a disaster may happen at some point and you are worried that you may have some involvement in it and this is why you are dreaming. Remember that a dream is not a prophecy and just because you have a bad dream does not mean that you’re going to have a disaster occur to you or to anyone else for that matter. It is important for you to remember that you do not have a disaster in your life unless that prophecy is self-fulfilling.

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