Dream Dictionary Discipline

Dream Dictionary Discipline

Since you can’t really dream about a concept like betrayal or lust, you can only dream about actions that might take place if one of these concepts were indulged in, then the fact that you are looking up the dream definition of a concept only makes it clear that you interpreted the dream by yourself a bit.

Dream Discipline
Dream Dictionary Discipline, What it Means to Dream About Discipline

If you have a dream about having sex with multiple partners many times over then this can mean that you are having a dream about lust, and thus the dream means that you are lusting after someone or that you are in need of more sexual activity in real life. Therefore if you have a dream about discipline then your dream might involve a nun slapping your hand with a ruler, your mother or father forcing you to go to the corner and think about what you’ve done, etc. But the main result will end up being that you are dreaming about various types of discipline because you need more of it or you need to exercise more of it. If you are the one that is being disciplined in your dream then this means that you need to get over yourself and go out there and be more responsible. If you have a dream in which you are the one that is doing the disciplining then this means that you need to put your foot down more firmly with people in real life if you want them to respect you and follow your instructions. A dream like this is particularly pertinent if you are in a management position in a job.

Discipline is also something that can be held over the self. In order for you to change your ways and start to see things another way you do not necessarily have to have someone else put you in your place, you can often times change your behavior through what is known as self discipline and having the ability to really govern your own actions is absolutely essential when it comes to doing what needs to be done in regards to your own life and happiness. Often the term self discipline is used to refer to your need to control behavior which seems good at the time but is not in the long run. A conventional example would be eating junk food. The moment that that cheesy salty savory Dorito chip hits your tongue it feels amazing and you love it, but you know that once the bag is done, you’re going to feel awful for having done it and this is where self discipline comes in.

You need to have the discipline to let yourself know that in the end the latter result is the better one, you want to tell yourself not to eat the Doritos so that in the end you will feel like a better person for having been able to refuse and you will feel skinnier, and healthier because of it. This feeling of health is greatly preferable to the small feeling of euphoria that you get when you first have a delicious potato or corn chip.

To dream of discipline means that you may have a need for a little bit of self discipline in your life. The most common reason you’d have this dream is if you are involved in one of life’s biggest vices, including, overeating, smoking, drinking, gambling, and in some case pornography. Your mind is desperately trying to let you know that nobody out there is going to fix your life for you, you need to fix it for yourself and fix it fast.

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