Dream Dictionary Dishes, Doing Dishes

Dream Dictionary Dishes, Doing Dishes

Essentially if you have a dream of sparking clean dishes then this means that your past is squeaky clean, but if you start to see dirty dishes, each dirty dish represents one negative deed that you’ve done or one sin that you’ve committed, one thing that you have done wrong or feel bad about, etc.

Dream Dishes, Doing Dishes
Dream Dictionary Dishes, Doing Dishes, What it Means to Dream about Doing Dishes

That sort of thing is what this kind of dream is driving at.

If you have a dream that you are doing dishes then this means that you are thinking about all of the things that you have had to do recently and you are imagining all of the things that you did wrong. Here wrong does not mean incorrectly though, it means bad things that you did. Each dish represents something bad you did and with each stroke you are attempting to clean it off of yourself and keep yourself free of this.

You are trying to work through all of the negative things that you’ve done recently and you are trying to make amends for them in your mind. The problem is, you aren’t actually making amends for them in your life, and you are trying to do it in your mind. Often the worst problems that we commit in real life have to do with how we hurt other people or what we do wrongly to others. Therefore the dirtiest dishes in the dream, the worst images we have in our minds and the worst expectations we have for ourselves have to do with ways that we have harmed others. The best way to work through things that we have done bad to others is to apologize directly .While it may be difficult to do so and while it may make you feel small and scared to do it, if you want to feel better about it and have a true sense of peace and closure for what you’ve done, then you need to go out and actually do the apologizing, do the work that it takes to make sure that they see you in a positive way again. You can’t always do what needs to be done to make sure that you receive this kind of peace so if you have the opportunity, then you should probably take it because this would be the most healthy thing for you to do. The reason why you are having dreams about doing dishes so much is because you feel like you need to work through all these issues and make amends and you are not doing it. You can’t mentally scrub your brain clean to truly find closure and peace on the issue, the only thing you can do is apologize or you will continue to have these dreams.

Essentially a dream about doing dishes arises out of guilt that resulted from doing something bad to yourself or to someone else. If it has to do with something that you did wrong in general then you can bend your morals or your outlook to allow yourself to not feel so bad about it. This is not easily done, but it can be done without any outside interaction or apologizing to anyone else. However you do need to make sure that you pay attention closely to what is going on around you in the future so that you don’t commit any more unsavory acts that might cause you to feel worse.

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Nomenzazi 2017-01-23 13:19:39
I dreamt of my late mother, she was helping me wash very big dishes that were really dirty with dry dough. What does this mean?

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sunshine 2014-11-04 04:32:34
Thanks for the insight

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