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There are a lot of different things that we take with us into adulthood from our childhood, and while we get rid of most of our toys and childish thoughts, we still have the sense of imagination of a child in some cases and can retain that sense of magic and wonderment.

Disney is something that has stuck with a good deal of us since childhood. A lot of people are fans of Disney and have been following Disney for ages. When we all grow up and get older, we will be telling our kids about Disney and turning them into a new Disney generation, and when they grow up and they have kids who ask them questions about their childhood, they will let them know that Disney was a big part of their childhood and then this new generation will also grow up with an interest in Disney. In this way, Disney is like a virus, but it is a virus that everyone wants to have. When you have a lot of contact with someone or something then there is a good chance that it will show up in your dreams because dreams are a manifestation of things that are close to you or things that you are familiar with. If you have a dream in which you see Disney then this is perfectly normal because you have probably been thinking about it a lot. When does someone not think of Disney at any given time?

Sometimes though, the thoughts just aren’t there. You really weren’t just thinking about Disney for the sake of it. But what does the dream mean then, what were you thinking about if not Disney? Well, if you have a dream about Disney this kind of thing can come about because you were thinking about your childhood. Disney is so closely connected to people’s lives and their childhoods at this point that it has become a metaphor for childhood. To dream that you are hanging out in Disneyland going on rides and having talks with all of the people dressed up in costumes and whatnot, this basically means that you want to return to your childhood. Either that or it means that you are thinking about all of the fun you had when you were a child and you are wishing that you could recapture some of that fun in your immediate future. To dream that you are out in Disney world just having fun on all of the rides and stuff means that you are lacking a source of that level of pleasure in your real life, so you have to go into your dreams to search for it. Have fun in your dream now but remember to try and be more responsible in the future with your needs and wants.

If you have a dream that you are a Disney princess it means that all of your dreams have come true or you have achieved some ultimate goal in your life. Maybe not the ultimate goal that you have been striving for, but you might have hit a milestone. There are better things out there than being a Disney princess for adults, but for kids it is the best thing in the world and it is sure to make them smile endlessly.
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Jennifer 2016-10-04 14:24:32
I dreamt that we went to Disney World. We parked, but it took us 4 hours to get from the parking lot to the park. We had hopped on a shuttle, but it only took us a quarter of the way there. By the time we got there, it was dark and about to close. We bought tickets anyway, and went inside. I didn't see any rides, only a long line of shops. Most were closed, so we just ended up walking back and forth on the sidewalk. I woke up after that. I have never actually been to Disney World (though I've always wanted to go).

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Mae 2016-08-07 08:09:40
i dreamed that i saw all the classic princesses. A very ugly Ariel showed up. Ursula got mad at her and told me where she came from. she was the daughter of 2 demons

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Bambi 2016-05-03 01:40:55
I dreamt that Merida was one of my close friends and we both have met a disguised monster. I would like to know the meaning of this dream.

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Molesadolls 2016-04-11 02:46:45
I dreamed I was in a forest, Pocahontas ran up to me and told me to leave as it was not safe, then this woman came up to us. She didn't say a word, then everything went blank

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Christina 2016-03-12 19:02:23
Last night, I had this dream on where I was at Disney World with my grandma and they had this restaurant that looked like the Steamboat Willie. They had vintage food between the 20s and the late 50s. My grandma had the surf and turf while I had a ham and bananas hollandaise. I enjoyed the experience, but she didn't, especially when the restaurant went underwater. It wasn't that deep, it's like the same depth as a fancy swimming pool. The good news is the restaurant was safely secured on a conveyor belt going about 5 or 6 mph.

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hippie ofLife 2015-02-25 13:50:04
I dream that walt disney is Ursula im ariel and I will lose my voice thats in a gem around my neck... again

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Liz 2015-02-17 22:11:54
i dreamed meeting Elsa of Frozen. But not in Disney World...like i we were of the same world, and she was telling me her story  ?)

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Sarah 2014-12-11 14:31:46
I've dreamt about Disney World for the past five nights. Each time something frustrating is happening (ie, not being able to go to the parks, or being rushed through the experience). I am a disney fan and I think about it a lot, but this seems a little extreme. Any idea what it's about?

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sam 2014-10-02 21:39:21
i dreamed about it cause i am having a lack of happines because we are moving.  :bad:

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