Dream Dictionary Disposal

Dream Dictionary Disposal

The word disposal can be thought of in a few different ways.

Dream Disposal
Dream Dictionary Disposal, The Meaning of a Dream About Disposal

One of these ways would be in terms of a garbage disposal. This is the device that chops up all your food scraps and allows them to make it through the sink without too much difficulty. It makes cooking food in the sink so much easier. The other way to think of disposal is the idea of throwing something away or getting rid of something. You want to throw it away and get it out of your life, so you are getting rid of it by disposing of it.

If you have a dream about a garbage disposal then this means that you feel like your memories are going right down the drain and being chopped up. Basically you feel like your ability for memory making is going down the tubes and if you don’t start remembering more cherished family moments then soon you won’t even be able to remember who your family is. This kind of interpretation is a bit of an overreaction, but you will still notice that your memory might be going a bit faster than it used to be. Don’t let it happen to you because you will regret it.

Disposal is what you do with something that is a particular annoyance to you. When you’re taking the trash out you just say “I’m throwing this away” but when you say “I’m disposing of this” it gives off this sense of possibly taking loving care in doing so. Getting rid of something because you truly feel like it is the best course of action. Perhaps it is time for you to really get rid of something in your life and do it with precision and care.

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